Skyridge Pikachu Reverse Holo

I’ve been slowly attempting to collect every skyridge reverse holo, and I’ve been amazed at the sold prices of pikachu reverses. A few reverse pikachus have sold for substantially more than many of the regular holos from the set. It seems to be the second most expensive pikachu set card next to gold star pika.

What is driving the high prices of this card? Is it solely availability?

the sheer amount of reverse holos in sky ridge makes pulling a Pikachu very unlikely, so rising sky ridge prices plus an iconic Pokemon in Pikachu equal a high value


Good to know ace!


any e-series reverse holo should be treated as gold. in saying that, i am suprised how low some go, considering they are half way to being museum artifacts (slight exaggeration) :wink:


This. Its absurd how much trouble i went through to complete the sets (last +/-20cards i needed i bought wway above ‘market value’)

if (and that’s a big IF) i ever decide to sell the complete reverse set, 10$ a card (on the non-popular common/uncommons) is the lowest i’ll go. Had an offer of 100€ for my reverse mint pika copy but i guess its not hard to get better offers since its a Pikachu

Umbreon/charizard/espeon/eevee & other fanfavourite e-serie reverses are climbing towards that 100$ mark also, buy 'm while you still can :wink:


Legendary collection reverse seem to be priced much higher due to demand but over time demand should pick up on eseries and people as people become aware of their scarcity. As such the prices should climb, not to mention they have some of the best art work ever produced… EVER.

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Theres not that much demand for reverses outside pikachu and zard/crystals.

People will just settle for the highesr rarity when theres 3-4 copies or the same artwork to collect.

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I’m in the market for a PSA 10 if anyone is looking to sell or trade. I’ve graded 3 PSA 9s, so it’s time to bite the bullet. I’d put a $500 value on it.

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Please tell me there’s a complete set video coming!