VS Fire/Water booster box

How much do you all value a VS fire/water booster box at?

I know one went for £450 a couple days ago but i don’t know whats normal/a good price.


I have been offered one for $680 shipped, do you think thats a good or bad deal?

How badly do you want it?

Fairly badly but not desperately. Its probably my favorite set and the fire/water has the umbreon in it which i would love to pull.

But $70 a pack is quite a bit… even if it is half what the single packs are up for on ebay…

I mean, run an opportunity cost analysis. Come up with a series of cards you would otherwise buy with the set amount of money that you have. Compare their availability and prices against the box. If the cards you could buy with the money are worth MORE to you than that box, you know the box will have to wait. If you can’t think of a combination of cards for $680 that are worth more than the box, buy the box.

if you just want the box to try and pull the umbreon your better off just buying it in a single rather than a box.cause do remember your not guarenteed it but you will pull other things.there were 4 holos in that set so its a 1 in 4 chance that you can get one.

How many packs are in the box? 10?
Well I’d think of purchasing it at that price…
At the same time, I wouldn’t…

a box has 10 packs inside and each of those 3 different coves had 4 holos.since i have opened all 3 boxes this is the holos in each cover if anyone is wanting to know what comes in what

1.karen’s umbreon
2.karen’s tyranitar
3.pryce’s sneasel
4.morty’s murkrow

1.rocket’s raikou
2.rocket’s entei
3.rocket’s suicune
4.rocket’s wobuffet

1.Falkner’s Skaarmory
2.Bugsy’s Scizor
3.Jasmine’s Steelix
4.Bruno’s Steelix

Still 2 Holos are worth $15 or more…
Plus all commons can easily go for $1 each without the favourite nonholos like…
Clair’s Politoed, Lance’s Charizard, Lance’s Gyarados etc.

Unless I get a Fire/Water pack for a cheap price (cheaper than $70), there’s no way I’d be opening it just to try to get an Umbreon. It’s just way too risky. If I were to pull Murkrow or Sneasel I’d cry. :slightly_frowning_face:

On the selling side though, if you get the box at $680, you could probably make an extra $20 per pack if Fire/Water is still hyped up as it used to be. I think it was during last summer where a pack would consistently go for around $90.

At the same time, even selling singles would be fun…
Charizards are $30ish
Umbreon is $40-50ish

true but if your lucky to even pull a charizard out lol let alone the umbreon.do remember you get the same trainers and energies so thats like half your pack gone already