Sealed Vs boxes

What price range do you think Sealed Vs boxes are going at the moment and will there be increase in price in the future in your opinion?

depends which box to be exact.the lighting and grass one is the more common one around while the psychic and fighting one would be 2nd.only the fire and water one i have yet to see be sold on ebay but its one of the rarest ones as for price range this would be my estimate

grass/lighting $100-160
psychic/fighting $150-200
fire/water $200+

alot of people have been wanting VS cards after the market on them hit a high last year.

I was just looking through a person feedback who gave me the offer for the masaki set and he recently purchased a vs f/w box for 750 last month

so i asked him if his got any more and his got 1 left of each box but i offered him 600 because i know 2 people wanting this really bad and said they want to spend 800+ so even if i buy it and sell il make something but end of the day even if i keep it the value of these will only increase imo


I think this fad of vs cards will die out. It’s people buying random singles at ridiculous prices which really bugs me.

If wakaba are still shipping, sure these are still around for much much less.

Maybe try cardhaus too? Scott pointed out they have video intro boxes for dead cheap… You never know they might have these too

It might fade in about 1 year or 2 but because of last year people will still be looking for it this year so the prices might not change a lot this year.

So make your profit quick I say


you can make some quick money off them but in years to come i see the VS series one of those random sets going high.people are nuts over singles for these things.i know people spending 10-20 just for a holo and get those random guys buying a VS charizard for like 90 or more.its a random thing when its a fade always goes back and forth even for english cards.i just seen certain places have the singles and for boosters wakaba was the only place that had them but now long sold out.

cardhauls im guessing did have the video intro for dead cheap but now its gone.i see the GB booklet with the venusaur right now

Lol, sweet! I think I need it :wink: