Visiting Detroit - any tips?

Hi everyone!

Next week I will be on a business trip for 3 weeks in Detroit. And I was wondering if anyone has some tips about good shops to visit?

Any advise on other activities (like nature or sports) is also very welcome!

I actually just came back from Detroit, although I didnt look for any card shops both the Riverwalk and the downtown square are quite nice, along with the D12 mural!


If you can, see the Ford museum. Tons of cool historic vehicles and if you have time go to either the village there (assuming the weather is good enough) or the factory. Really can spend a whole day there with the amount of things they have.


Hi! I live in Michigan and not too distant from Detroit, if you’re into sports I’d highly recommend catching a Detroit Lions game up here (they’re the best they’ve been in a very long time, so their stadium is electric to be at right now).

Detroit is also “Hockey Town”, so you could also catch a Red Wings game which are always fun to go to.

As a diehard fan I can also say whatever you do… just don’t go to a Pistons basketball game lol


I also live in Michigan, although nowhere near Detroit. If you have access to a car, there is a really good card show once a month in the Lansing Mall, I think it’s put on by a local shop called Avery’s Shoebox. I’ve attended a few time and there is a really good amount of Pokemon, I think there is around 250+ tables. Looks like their next show is November 25th, not sure if you’ll be in the area by then or not.

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No way! I’m actually heading down to Lansing that weekend to see some friends. I might leave earlier to hit up the mall :grin:

That is good information and the mural looks amazing! :sunglasses:

Great input! I will be there on car business so I think I MUST visit the museum :smiley:

@crosscards hahahaha great input! I am gonna check out if there is a game of the Loins I might be able to visit!

Sadly I will arrive on the 27th of November @kpod :frowning: otherwise this sounded like a good event to visit!

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