now an Admin of UPCCC

DJ, Scott and I are delighted to announce that has accepted our invitation to become an Admin of UPCCC! is a pivotal member of the Pokémon collecting community and we’re very excited to have her on board.

She doesn’t have any formal responsibilities yet but the beauty of being an admin is that she can create responsibilities if she feels like it!

This news further cements the vision that DJ had in creating this board as a place for elite collectors to discuss and trade cards.

I’m sure you’ll all welcome her in her new role, and here’s to UPCCC going from strength to strength ;D


Note: You may be wondering why on earth we need another admin given that this is still a small board. The appointment was more about honouring an exceptional member of the community than needing the extra resource.

Therefore I ask that members do not start asking for additional responsibilities or to become admins. You may however be invited one day :blush:


congrats! wou will make this form even better! And will no doubt make for a great admin. ;D

Hahaha! clever :blush: but it was long overdue :blush:

congratz viper.make the collectors more proud :blush:

Congrats! on becoming an admin. Please don’t abuse your power like dogma does with his bold red-font warnings and thread lockdowns :stuck_out_tongue: ;D

Oi, don’t hate on the red! :stuck_out_tongue: ;D

It’s all about going Green! :blush: ;D

Oh you guys :wink: ;D

Oh look we all have our own colour prefs! 8D

OK I think that’s enough attention for now :stuck_out_tongue: (It was annoying me seeing it everywhere)

I’ve stickied the topic so its still at the top of this board.

haha I just like the rainbow font!