Victory Orb with Plaque

Hey any idea what my Victory Orb is worth. I bought it on YJ! and it came with a frame. I’m not sure if its an official tournament frame, but it’s still cool looking. Let me know what you think. The card is in near mint to mint condition:

Usually about $700 with the frame. :3

@shpunto9 – I’m fairly certain that the aforementioned frame is the official plaque for this prize card. You could ask daria. In March, she won a [2003 Victory Orb] in its original display from Yahoo! Japan. I don’t think it was very expensive, either (I think it was 15,000 yen – don’t quote me on that, though). Unfortunately, the link is too old to confirm this information.

With how prices Are skyrocketing i honestly have trouble pricing trophy cards now lol

Just because some ebay sellers list their cards at ridiculously high prices doesnt mean they are worth that or they are selling for that much… people like ebirdman make it difficult for collectors (especially new ones) to know the fair prices on cards… So i wouldnt say prices are skyrocketing

But compared to the prices when promo_sen was still active those cards are still cheaper… Im not talking about the last months im talking about the last years

To the point… given the Victory Orb with Mew in it can be priced at $2000, would you all say $700 is accurate or not?

Prices are up across the board. I have not seen recent sales of the victory orb but the demand for pre 2003 cards is extremely high.

I have recent sales of this card go for around $300 (on average). In its plaque I would price it at $700-1000.

Ya $300 sounds about right without the plaque. And I think I’m going to hold onto it for now.