Veriswap Surges Fees for Pokémon TCG Authentication?

Veriswap which is a middleman platform started to increase their rates from 1.5% or 1.25% for trades over $10k → 4% per person or 8% of the entire transaction…

Why are they increasing the rates? To ensure authenticity of graded / Pokémon cards when that was the whole point in the first place in which they completely missed the mark…

What is everyone’s opinion on Veriswap and do you think Veriswap will become a big name for TCG trading or will it be gone within the next 5 years?

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Their goal as a company is to find the most people would pay before they stop using their service.

At 1.5% it’s possible they weren’t even profitable and just wanted to attract customers.

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Yeah I’m sure… but they are increasing it to add authentication verification lol. Were they just looking at cards and went “yeah this looks kinda like the picture, it’s good” to now actually making sure people send in the right cards lol

That fake Rayquaza GS that went through killed their brand. Maybe this statement is doing damage control. Sounds like they didn’t have any guarantees before

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*Now they just need to find someone whos good at it

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I haven’t really heard about them at all. Is it mostly used for trading?

Yes it’s meant as a way to trade your cards with others safely without the risk of someone never sending their end of the deal. You are able to purchase on the platform as well but the fees are way too ridiculous to ever consider doing that though


I’ve made a few deals on there, but nothing of crazy value because I didn’t entirely trust them.

Honestly I’ve sold as much as I’ve traded and I would still be totally happy to pay the 4% fees for that, haha.

Currently Veriswap makes it super easy to get trade credits, so I’ll use them if that remains the case. That said, it’s still very challenging to find someone to make a deal with anyway and their shipping fees make it only worth it if the trade is more than $500 on each side.


and the crystal celebi recently didnt do them favours

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PWCC is one “vault trade” feature away from putting this company out of business