Vaporeon Play Japanese Worth

Hey guys,

Wondering if any of you knew what a PSA 10 Vaporeon Play Japanese can fetch on Ebay? I recently had mine come back as a 10, but I have found it has been hard to move the card :slightly_frowning_face: I am under the impression, that it can barely fetch over 100$ on Ebay graded 10, as I have seen many listed not sell.


P.S the following is a picture of it :]

If you’re patient, you can probably move it around the 175-200 dollar mark. I sold one earlier this year for $180 in a private deal.

I’m thinking $125 range.

PSA10 prices on this thing dropped drastically this year

It really just depends on how much the buyer wants/has to pay for one. I just want to throw out that I, as a buyer, would definitely would pay up to $200 for one but that varies with each buyer and their budget.

I guess it just really depends on whos looking to buy. The ones listed at 240 on Ebay have no watchers. So I guess I will have to list slightly lower than 200 if I want it to sell

Yeah I cant understand why tbh. It seems the market has shifted away from them

Honestly I would try $150.

I had a buddy list his for $150 for 2 months and it never sold, until someone offered him $125 for it lol

Some cards and sets gain popularity for awhile and sell high. People take notice of this and start flooding the market with them. Since this seems to happen with charizard, rayquaza, mewtwo pikachu and primarily Japanese cards you’ll see prices drop as the supply and demand changes. The play cards are sellign for nearly as much raw as in a PSA 10.

BTW this post just made me a shining Charizard. YAY!


True, 2014 was much better year when it comes to overall prices of japanese stars. PSA 10 Vaporeon/Jolteon are easily available nowadays and most of collectors already have them in japanese star collection or something else.

It takes time while waiting for buyer, $175 shouldn’t be totally impossible.

I am after this card, pm me and we can work something out I’m sure

A Gold Star? 20.00 max lol.

I happened to buy a Sealed one on Ebay months ago. The problem, the card had a dent-like impression on it and I didn’t realize it right away. So a Seller ripped me off. I paid about $91 for it Sealed and it came back a PSA-7. One of the worst purchases I’ve made. I will be after a PSA-10 sometime in the future. But, I don’t have the money for it now, sadely.