Value of authenticated signed Topps cards

I am not sure if it is allowed to ask for price advice on non-TCG cards such as Topps. If this is frowned upon, please feel free to remove the post.

In any case, I’ve been asked if I would be interested in buying some signed Topps cards which come with a certificate of authenticity. The problem is that neither the seller or I have a clue about the price. Do any of you?

Here are the cards:

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I can’t help you but these cards are awesome! From what I can see the cert is seperate, how were they aquired?

If I recall correctly these come from the collection of the seller’s grandfather (the seller now owns this collection). I am currently in the dark about how his grandfather originally acquired them.

I would investigate a bit further before putting money into them, try find out how where or when they were signed and distributed first.

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You read my mind, I sent the seller a similar message yesterday (seeing as though the little feedback and references I’ve managed to get/find). In the end it wasn’t necessary, because he’s decided to send them off to PSA for grading. He said he’d regret selling them as those are the last bits of his grandfather’s Topps collection (I bought the main part of it a couple months ago). I’m happy for him, he’s a great guy :slight_smile:

That is one cool gramps

Yea in that case I would 100% advise the guy to keep them.

tell him to keep them too sentimently vaule he will regret it i think and ive seen them on the facebook groups i have one of the topps card signed for :blush: