Help identifying these babseball cards

Any info would be appreciated

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1958 Topps.

Are these your cards? Do you have others?

Yes and these are the only ones I bought them at a garage sale

They’re nice cards. Looks like they are a bit worn, so probably not worth a whole lot, maybe $5 to $20 each. The Bauer card is the most valuable — he was an All Star for several seasons.

Cool I only payed 5 bucks for the 4

i think I might send them to Psa just to have as I have never owned cards this old

Good value!

I never cared much for the 1958 Topps cards but love the 1959s. The oval picture designs are classic and they used that design for the 1959 football release too.

i don’t like baseball cards at all just these cards were old and caught my eye thinking I could make a little money on them to fund my pokemon addiction