UPDATED The worst buyer ever - another eBay problem

Hi Guys,

Sorry for making another topic here but I’m really considering quitting eBay as a seller now… and I need your help again.

I’ve got a buyer in February, she bought a game from me at 15th February.
Five days from the date of purchase she bugged me with about three e-mails a day in which she was making sure about the game (kept asking if it’s in good condition, if I ever sent anything overseas, if I had any problems with customs etc). I was really angry but I was replying calmly tone and I was really nice for her.

So I waited five days for her to pay, she paid on 20th February, which was Friday, she paid when it was already evening here in Poland so I wasn’t able to send the game before weekend.

I sent the game in the morning on 23th February. I sent her 7 photos of game, packing etc. I wrapped everything really good, packed game in a cardboard box, put a lot of bubble foil there as well.

After 5 days she started to bug me again that the game still doesn’t arrived. And that was the moment when I thought to myself - WHY I DIDN’T CANCEL HER ORDER?! >.<

She sent me few e-mails from that day, yesterday game “finally” arrived after 13 business days.

I was thinking to myself that now she’ll probably think up something new to annoy me again, and guess what? SHE DID!

Few minutes ago I received an e-mail from her saying that the game arrived in terrible condition, that the box is crashed and everything is wrong and she want refund. Really. Of course she didn’t sent me photos or anything like that.

Let me know… what could I do in this case or what should I do?
I’m really tired with this person, I think she’s every eBay’s seller worst nightmare.

I never had problems like this on eBay, all games that I sold in the past arrived to it’s destination in perfect condition and all sellers were super happy.

Sorry guys but I’m really desperate now for any help, should I contact eBay? or what should I do?
Or maybe someone know if she can fill a claim on USPS for international damaged package? (if it’s really damaged…)

All help will be highly appreciated, THANK YOU!

Say you will accept a return if and only if the item is damaged, and for her to send you pictures of the alleged damage. You have photos of how it looked pre-shipping, so you know what it should look like.

If it is damaged, you should take a return, now matter how annoying this lady is. It’s just the right thing to do.

If it isn’t, and she’s screwing with you, then asking for pictures should scare her off. If you insist the game was packed well, shipped well, etc., eBay might issue a courtesy refund (you keep your money, she gets a refund) so you both aren’t pissed off because nobody really did anything wrong.

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@fourthstartcg, thank you very much for reply! I will ask for photos then.

I just read her e-mail again and it’s really weird to me because I sold her brand new and sealed game and she’s upset with the things that came inside of the box, like the poster is bent, the steelbook is missing paint etc. These are the things that I didn’t took picture of because the game was sealed. I didn’t even opened that box lol…

Waiting for photos now.

Wow… what a picky B***H…

I would really like to know how to deal with tards like this… as paypal generally favours the buyers in these situations.

You can only reason so much with her and paypal, that you have classed the item as accurately as possible.

Reminds me of when I sent an authentic brand new leather soccer ball to a buyer in Australia. He saw my paypal address was from Hong Kong; and thought it was a fake; so he literally punctured to leather back, to see if it is real leather, then said the goods were sent fake and faulty, and sent back a deflated punctured ball, and got his full $150 refund from paypal + shipping. lol… there was nothing I could do…

paypal agreed, the item was not as i had listed originally…

@kkthxbai oh wow, your situation was terrible as well, I can’t believe it…
and what’s funny about those weird buyers - eBay won’t let you give them negative feedback!
She did one more stupid thing that I didn’t mention before - when I sent her a picture of the box with shipping label that was saying STANY ZJEDNOCZONE (United States in polish), as a country, because when you sending something overseas from here you need to put polish name on the label - like you shipping something from United States you put POLAND on a label, not POLSKA, right?
And she ordered me to CHANGE THE SHIPPING LABEL because her postman wouldn’t know what that means and he wouldn’t deliver her package. #facepalm

Back to my case:
I just got an e-mail from her and she said that SHE WON’T SEND ME PHOTOS.
Here’s an e-mail from her:

SPOILER: Click to show

[SPOILER: Click to show](javascript:void(0);)Spoiler

Hello Jakub
The item is not sealed as you say…
The customs did not open the shipping box it was pretty destroyed…sorry I would rather you send me a shipping label ok and I just will get a full refund as this transaction has been way too hard and I should have known that from the start. I would rather just do a complete return/refund other then take a bunch of photos and all. Sorry one thing being good to someone can be completely different to someone else. Please send the label to eBay here.

So here’s the recap:
*I sent brand new game → she’s saying that the game wasn’t new
*I sent game very well protected → she’s saying that items inside the box are CRASHED
*I want photos of the damaged items → she refuse to take pics

I wrapped game’s box in three layers of foil, it was like 3cm layer of bubble wrap so there’s now way that the outside box and especially items inside could be damaged really… you can see here > pic1 pic2 if it’s bad packing then I don’t know what’s good lol.

And now she’s saying that this transaction was A PROBLEM FOR HER FROM THE BEGINNING, lol, seriously guys, what the heck?!

What should I do now?
If she wouldn’t send me photos of the cardboard box I sent the game in and the game itself I can’t even file a claim of damaged package at my post office …

No Photos = no refund. Report the buyer!.


You should be good with eBay. If she files a claim and won’t provide reasonable proof of damage, eBay won’t take your money to refund her. There’s no proof of your wrongdoing in any way. You even showed how well-packed the item was.

@elam18, @fourthstartcg thanks for replies!

She hasn’t opened a claim on eBay- she wanted to do it after 5 days from I sent out the game.
In e-mail she want to me send her a shipping label - what’s that? She want me to cover the shipping so she can return item to me? LOL. Seems like the best option - I don’t want to lose 5 minutes for taking pics but I’ve got enough time to send you box of cereal instead of the game and you’ll pay for it.

Should I report her right away? or just don’t reply now and wait to see what’ll happen?

It seems like I don’t know what to do, well - I really don’t.
I don’t want to mess up this situation and lose it because I have proofs of shipping, of delivery and photos of game in new condition and packing.

When you initiate the return process it should automatically send her the label. Anyways, if you do receive the item back, make sure and record your opening of it. If there is a box of cereal, you have proof that that is what she sent you.
I’m sorry to hear about this situation. I’ve had people claim bogus stuff before. It’s such a hassle because one mistake can cost you the whole transaction. Best of luck and keep us updated!

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Tell her to initiate the return through ebay…then drop it. Don’t lose any more sleep over this. Don’t even read anymore of her messages.

And finally…what’s her username so I can block her lol.


I agree with Not Zelda Gilroy, and this woman sounds she was looking to make trouble from the start. As in, find a way to scam over a decent Ebay seller.

Get her on the BLACKLIST!
If she wont send photos shes bullshitting you


This. If she does send it back be sure to start recording before you open it.

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Her claim reeks of massive B.S.

Hi guys,

Thank you all for your replies. I was away from home during weekend and I decided to don’t reply to her message that she sent to me on Friday. What’s funny - she didn’t contacted me since that moment, which is weird for the person like her - previously she sent me few e-mails a day. Now it’s even more likely for me that she tried to scam me…

I will just wait for her to open a case and then I will work it out somehow, now I don’t even want to think about it because it’s driving me crazy.

Thank you all for help!

UPDATEAllright guys, it’s been 42 days since she bought the game from me, she received the package on 11th March, I got last message from her on 13th March so… she probably tried to scam me.

I didn’t reply to her message and she didn’t contact me since then.

Here in spoiler I put her username so you can block her if you’re aware of that kind of buyers >.< :



Thank you all for support!

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