Unlimited Team Rocket Dragonite Error

Hi anybody :blush: Just after some advise really, iv got this card ----7. Unlimited Dark Dragonite 5/82 Team Rocket Non Holo Error: - Just like the 1st Edition Error (listed above), the unlimited error is a little easier to obtain but still tough. A few of the Dark Dragonite cards from the Team Rocket Set were numbered 5/82 and were printed without the holo making it look like just a regular non holo. These cards can easily slip past anyone unless they knew of this error. Hard to find! - SET - Unlimited Team Rocket ---- Soo does anyone know if it’s worth any money?

Thanks Mike

Hey man, I saw your post in the other thread and I guess you accidentally posted in there instead of making a new thread. So I have moved it into your own thread so you can hopefully get some responses.


Thanks mate not very good at any of this lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Condition is everything, does it have whitening on the edges, creases or folds of any kind, dirt, stains, general wear?

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It’s in Mint condition. It’s been in a plastic folder since the day I bought it :blush: I guess this is a good thing?

Anybody got any ideas?

Since the day you bought it? I guess that means someone else owned it so the condition could be anything?
Unless you ,want the day you bought the booster pack?