1st Ed Dark Dragonite Error

Hey guys,

found a rare card in a binder I bought off ebay and I have had all sorts of prices thrown around for its value. I found a Non Holo Dark Dragonite 5/82. I know I have seen sever unlimited ones sell for a couple hundred dollars at the most. The difference for this one is that it is 1st edition.

I was was recommended to come to this site to get a price quote for it so any help would be appreciated. The only one I have actually seen for sale is the guy in ebay who has his going for $10,000 and I’m sure that is grossly overstated.

Any ideas what what I could expect to ask for this?

thanks so much for your help!

what really? i have a gem mint one pulled from booster sitting at home…

The unlimited edition error is worth around $60, the last 1st edition sold for $299 at auction so I guess that’s the base price.

What condition and can you post a pic here?

I will post a pic of not this weekend but next (when I am at home my hometown next) pulled 1 if not 2 from a booster box 3-4 years ago and haven’t touched them since. 1st edition.

Post one picture showing both cards for us and you will get a lot of interest and more info.

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Will definitely sell. 8 days till I go and check fingers crossed it’s the error as I believe it is. My memory is a bit fuzzy

Totally forgot I posted this question.

This is just a random pic I took on my iPad.

condition is not mint, but it is still pretty good. Just some minor edge wear on the back of the card.