Unlimited charizard NM price?

$90 bucks seem fair?

Close enough…

The 7s seem to go for $70-80 and the 8s $100-120, so it really depends how Near Mint the card you’re looking to purchase is. While I think $90 is a little high, it’s close enough as Gary said. Charizard is the kind of card you rarely get much of a discount on. I actually see people overpay on raw copies at auction all the time.

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Alright, thank you.
Edit: this is the one I just picked up. looks pretty clean for a PSA 7

Price will only continue to go up with time, so keep that in mind.

It’s really hard to tell from the pictures. I thought you were looking to purchase an ungraded copy, so this is actually a smarter gamble. It’s impossible to see surface flaws(scratches and such) and a white background is not ideal for showing whitening on the back edges and corners.

Please keep us updated on the condition on the card when you receive it and get to properly inspect it. :blush:

Zard came in today. I spoke with the seller, said he just received the card back from PSA and believes the card was under graded. Said he thinks it should have received an 8. I do see a few scratches on the holo but the vertical scratches seem to be on the case itself. The rest of the card looks good though. Should I send it in for a review? Either way, I’m happy with it. It brings back so many memories, as this is the 2nd Base Charizard I’ve ever owned. 1st one I pulled as a kid and lost it.

That’s a very clean 7

If the PSA grade doesn’t matter to you I think you can keep the card as is since bumping up to an 8 is not going to bring you anything more than the market price difference (which isn’t a lot considering you have to pay to send it in and the waiting time) unless this can get a 9 which is unlikely. Still a really nice card and I will take this 7 anytime from you if you are selling haha! :grin:

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I’d say you have a decent chance of getting an 8 in a review.

Or you could break it out and send it in as many times as it takes to get an 8. But apparently manipulating PSA into giving you higher grades is only acceptable if you’re in with a certain clique on this forum, otherwise you’re just a evil flipper out to damage the hobby :wink:

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