Umbreon, Espeon, Jolteon Japanese Gold Stars buy list

Umbreon Master Set (English & Japanese)
Reviving Legend Reverse Holo Unlimited (looking for a gradable copy 9+) price based on condition (5k for PSA 10)
Psychic King EX unlimited PSA 10 $1.5k
Psychic King EX full art unlimited (PSA 10) $5k
Dark Explorer PSA 10 $800
Undaunted Reverse Holo PSA 10 $3K
Holo Cosmos Breakpoint PSA 10 $1.5k

Espeon Master Set
The Town on no Map Unlimited PSA 10 $400
Dark Explorer Staff Promo PSA 10 $2.5K
Broken Heavens Full Art PSA 10 $1.5k

Jolteon Master Set
Topps Chrome Pokemon TV Tekno $5k

Japanese Gold Stars Unlimited
Vaporeon PSA 10 ($6.5k)
Mudkip PSA 10 ($6.5k)
Alakazam PSA 10 ($1.3k)


Wow Umbreon master set and gold Star, ambitious goal. Best of luck!

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Almost there !


Collection thread is needed


Did you manage to get the charizard GS? There’s one for sale on instagram for 25k OBO.

Thanks. I Found the Latios (card not in hand yet) and have been exploring a few Charizards a slightly lower cost

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Found a Psychic King EX unlimited that graded at 9. Updated the wish list with a 10.


I need the full art EX in binder condition. If you see an extra one, I’d like to get one

I just happened to be in the process of purchasing one (and have located 2 others).
Will let you know. The price to get owners to part from them seem to be around $2k+ in LP/NM condition FYI

Did you post the Latios anywhere? would love to see it


Wow $2k is out of my price range. Thanks for that feedback. I missed an auction for one last year that went for $40. I saw it in the sales data and was so pissed about it. I would have bid $251 to get it.

@eeveeteam this is me harassing owners that did not intend to sell. I bet one will randomly show up at a much lower price eventually… :sweat_smile:


Updated the list a bit.
Got this unlimited psychic king


Also open to trade a gold star Charizard PSA 10 with a Latios PSA 10

Pretty sure full art psychic kings in psa 10 can be had for less than $2k

I think you are thinking of 1st edition. Unlimited is stupid pricing

Ahh, yep thats 1st ed. I think they’re is only one unlimited 10 right? (Just looked there are 2 10s, 6 total)

Not sure on pop reports, but last LP copy sold for half a million Yen. Last USA auction for this card went for $40. I was so mad I missed it.

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Got the Charizard to finally complete the set !


Few updates since last post

Found the following and have updated the buy list.
Undaunted reverse foil PSA 10
Reviving Legends 1st edition reverse holo PSA 10
Psychic King Unlimited Alt Art PSA 9