Smokemon's Buy List: Umbreon XY-Promo Japanese $1500 PSA 9

Howdy do,

I am on a quest to find a couple Japanese promo cards that have caught my eye.

Want Payment Condition Qty. Have
Copy Cat024/L-P $200+ Raw (~PSA 8+) 2 0
Palace Belt153/BW-P $200+ Raw (~PSA 8+) 1 0

Thanks for looking

Update 1/10:2020

Looking for the Copy Cat Promo. Price can be adjusted based on condition

Update 5/12/2021

After a Victory Ring PSA 10
Offer: $6000
Interested in lower grades as well
(and yes I do see the listings on eBay and Y!J)

Update 1/10/21

Goals reached, Buy list on hold atm

Update 2/3/2022

Want to buy No rarity Raichu. Prices can vary based on centering and other subgrades. I’m flexible on pricing
PSA 8: $1450
CGC 8: $1450
BGS 8: $1250

Update 12/15/22
Charizard Vmax Hr Tournament Winner
Offering $4k for Nm-Mint
Interested in Lp as well ~$2.5k + $1k depending on condition


Want to buy Victory Ring (2003-2004, Non Pikachu version) for $4000+. Willing to negotiate price depending on grade or condition.

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It looks like the last 10 went for $6250 on eBay. I think I would cap out around $5500 for a PSA 10, and in that case I would prefer a PSA 9 or raw.

  • Copy Cat 024/L-P: Now offering 300-400 Depending on condition
  • Still after the Victory Ring 2000-4000 depending on condition

Just lost a copycat for $714 so you might want to up the copycat

I think that was shilled, I could be wrong though. The week before, one previously sold for 400 and was put back on the market the next week and it went for 300. But these are definitely becoming scarce


PSA 10 Victory Ring for $6k

Interested in other conditions as well

I’m not a Victory Ring expert, but provided this is the one you’re after, there’s been one on eBay UK for about the price you’re offering for a while:

If you have no luck finding one in the US, you could ask the seller if they will ship there. Doesn’t look like the US is on either the inclusion or exclusion shipping list, but Canada is included.

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Great find, I didn’t think to search on eBay’s other countries besides US. I’ll work some magic and see where that takes me. I appreciate the search

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Have a Copycat coming back from CGC shortly that I’m probably going to part with (along with some other L-P promos) in order to fund a bigger card. Will hit you up when it comes back and see if we can work something out.

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Right on, let me know. L-P promos are fantastic

Got my Copycat promo back if you are still looking:

Considering putting it aside and resubmitting to PSA if they open their next tier down but lemme know if interested.

Are you still interested in a PSA 10 victory ring?

I completely forgot about this thread. I appreciate you reaching out but my collection goals have changed.

Mods you can close thread please :blush:

Edit: let’s just keep it running. May update in the future

You can keep the buy list thread, but you can edit the title and initial post so that you maintain the same buy thread.

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I’m back. Bump

Halp! Price bump included

Interested in Charizard Vmax Hr Japanese! All other cards in first post are no longer of interest.

Happy collecting everyone!