UK Sellers


Highly aware we are a global community, but still predominately US based!

Was wondering if there are any UK sellers on here that sell singles with a lot of holding stock?

After quite a large list of cards, would be keen to get them from one reputable source.

Thank you!

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Also from the UK and would be interested to know this

I’m from Belgium but have a ton of stuff laying around. Feel free to send me your list.

I’m also active on cardmarket & ebay, but only a small portion is listed on there.


I’m a UK seller, but dable mostly in raw and graded Japanese cards. If any of the cards you’re after is Japanese PM me your wants and I’ll let you know if I have them.


Messaged :blush:

Not on this occasion, but thank you for letting me know good sir :blush:

Im from the UK New here and looking to start collecting.

Have you tried looking at the likes of ChaosCards, MagicMadhouse or TotalCards to help with your single collecting?

I assume you’re after English singles judging from earlier comments, if you need Japanese however, there are plenty of people here to aid you.


I can recommend MagicMadhouse myself, prices for singles may be inconsistent there sometimes but their international shipping options are very decent. They are very professional.

US prices will always be better then the UK for bulk buying for binders.

That is true, but also true for basically everything!

US probably always around 0.8:1 compared to UK, thats just the way it is.

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We definitely need more sellers in the UK
I’m still looking for the UK equivalent of someone like @thecharizardauthorty. I would love to find a decent, reputable source to buy all my stuff from if anything just for the complete peace of mind when buying sealed product etc, Places like MagicMadhouse don’t tend to have many if any old cards/products (WOTC) nor do LGS’s. I have never used Cardmarket yet but i do check it regularly just incase anything pops up but in my experience so far theirs not a lot of old product there either… Again UK sellers are pretty scarce on there too.

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HI all, would also like to know of any UK sellers or vintage shops selling cards

I remember around 10 years ago there was a seller on eBay called something along the lines of ‘TheCardSeller’ - had everything WOTC to D&P when they were the latest sets.

3 packs of base set for £20, 10 packs of any EX series for £30… dreamy days.

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I remember 4 years ago there was someone UK based selling sealed WOTC products fairly regularly on eBay without reserve, they didn’t seem to be that organised though - putting up 1 listing a week. I forget who it was. Deckki used to be good for graded cards.

I had always planned on selling individual cards on ebay, but never got around to doing it. I mainly have singles for base set, jungle, fossil and then newer expansions from BW, XY and SM.


I know it’s not exactly what you’re looking for but I list parts of my collection that I no longer need on eBay and I’m happy to do deals on here if you’re interested in anything.

Feel free to drop me a follow: