Uk middle man

Hello, was wondering if anyone knew of a uk middle man service.
Im trying to get some cards from the uk and im looking for someone able to assist me with a uk address?

I don’t know if they’re the best or anything like that but I always see Dan’s Pokestop mentioned on groups I’m in.

I use PlanetExpress for USA to UK and have only had one issue in a lot of parcels going there. Overall they have been very good and fairly priced.

They have a UK warehouse but I have not needed to use it obviously but it might be worth a try.

Edit - i assumed you meant for posting. But if it’s grading dan’s pokestop became the sub center recently. They do a good grading service

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Dan’s Pokestop is licensed by PSA, along with Collectable Power. There’s probably a few others.

Dan’s Pokestop seems a well run operation and they’ve been handling the fallout from the Ludkins debacle very well, so there’s proven competency. They’re very responsive to customers both on Facebook and direct email.

I believe Matty from Ludkins (who was a great asset to Barney, but I believe split away from Ludkins before the ship sank) went onto partner with someone else(?) to create Collectable Power. I only ever had positive experiences when dealing with Ludkins via Matty, though no idea as to how good either middleman is first hand, as I send to PSA directly now since the Ludkins fiasco.

Sorry, to clarify, its to buy cards over there, not sub for grading :slight_smile:

Sorry if I’d have read your OP properly I would have noticed that :melting_face: I guess I’ll just leave it there in case anyone else finds it useful :man_shrugging:

Hi, I don’t offer any official middleman service but I have middlemanned stuff from the UK for people in the past. If you are struggling to find anyone drop me a DM and I can see if I can help out!