BGS middleman in Europe

Does anyone know a reputable BGS middleman in Europe? I’m from The Netherlands if that matters.

As far as I’m aware Ludkins will never grade BGS as they have some sort of contract with PSA and GradedGroudon only seems to advertise PSA grading.

Not that it matters, but an exclusive grading contract with PSA is extremely unlikely and totally unprecedented. They just don’t want to grade through Beckett’s;)

@funmonkey54 might be able to clarify.

I do not know any Beckett grading middlemen.

I will be getting my BGS membership soon. Feel free to send me a message here on E4 or on my Instagram (pokemonoscar) if you are interested, I’m happy to help you out.
I’m located in Sweden, but you being located in the Netherlands is no problem.

I’ve got plenty of (all positive) references on my IG where I sell/trade internationally, as well as eBay.
I’m also Admin and a highly reputable seller in the biggest Swedish Pokémon groups/community on Facebook.

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If you can find a USA middleman they can help with your customs declaration too.

How would that work? Apart from shipping costs my main worry is indeed customs costs. I’ve heard good and bad stories about them when grading (with PSA mostly).