Searching for a middle man

Hey efourPeople- I’ve been a member for a long time and hit a collecting stop a couple of months after the pandamic started (long story, might write it all out if i get this first big submission done!)

I’ll get to the point: i have been an avid collector of the e-series around 2016, (most people know me from my skyridge theories ) and i used to send my packfresh skyridge cards off to other middle man like @smpratte who would grade them for me. I’m located in the Netherlands and sending cards off to PSA is a real hell here, so I’ve always used a middle man.

Well here I am, about 6years later and starting to expand the collection again- so i really wanna get about 60 cards graded & I would love a trustworthy/experienced middle man to handle it off for me.

Not sure what the asking rate is for a service like this nowadays + i’d rather not use gradedGem or anything like that. I am willing to offer 150$ for the trouble/middle man service, and I would cover all of the other expenses. Just hoping i can lift along with someone’s submission :slight_smile:

If all goes well i might take the same person up for another submission of some more expensive cards- this 60 card lot contains mostly reverse holo’s from delta species and holon phantoms.

Not sure if its allowed but I’d love to ask the community for some extra help as a old collector and PSA noob. Please send me a message if you could help me out :upside_down_face:

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I know some reliable middlemen in The Netherlands and Belgium, so I might be able to help you. But before I refer you to them, I’d really advise you to look into how to submit to PSA yourself. Being from Belgium myself (I assume things are very similar in The Netherlands), I also always opted for a middleman (in my case Ludkins) to handle my submissions for me because I thought it would be too much of a pain to do it on my own. However, with the pandemic happening and them no longer submitting to PSA, I tried to figure things out myself. I took me a while to get informed about shipping internationally and filling out customs forms and all that, but I must say that it is well worth it once you figure things out. I’m currently on my third submission without a middleman, and I am never going back.

Edit: If I had known a little earlier, I’d have happily sent your cards along with mine. But they are already packed and ready for pickup in the morning.


I guess my question is why not send directly? It’s not much different than sending the package to a middleman

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Because of the hassle and shipping forms and such. But as mentioned it should be do-able? I don’t know, not really planning on sending a lot of submissions- i just want to do these 60 cards and maybe later about 30 more but that’s it. I don’t really need a subscription or something like that with PSA because its probably never going to be more than these two subs.

Might take you up on the middle man if you are okay with that :upside_down_face:

Sure. Right now, I think one of the more well-known and reputable ones is They have shipping addresses both in Belgium and in The Netherlands. As far as I know they ship monthly, so their next deadline should be somewhere at the end of November.

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Wow that takes me back, those were simpler times! I wish I could still help but just am constantly swamped. I currently have 5 orders back from PSA that I haven’t even opened. :melting_face:

PSA UK is my first thought if you don’t want to submit directly. But I am not sure how PSA UK works for EU since Brexit. Otherwise maybe a member in your region can bundle in your cards!


That would indeed be the best option. However, I don’t think PSA UK is open to the rest of Europe yet. They did open a French office about two years ago while still under the Ludkins Collectables brand as a work-around for Brexit, but it looks like they kind of deserted it when PSA closed down. Would be nice to see them reopen it to make sending in cards a little easier for the rest of us :blush:

Sounds like they now need a UK middleman to submit to PSA UK :joy:


Okay, unrelated, but I had no idea what Skyridge Theories was…

Quick skim – this looks super interesting; I’m gonna dive in.