UK/France to US middleman?

As title says, anyone know of any companies (or even individuals) that middleman from the UK or France to the US? I’ve been wanting to pick up various card and not card odds and ends from both countries’ eBays, but I’m unaware of my options.

For the UK I’m aware of Forward2Me; does anyone know what their pricing structure is like? I saw there is a 2 GBP fee per package for consolidation, but do they have a per item fee like ZenMarket/Buyee? Or is it just one final fee?

Also tangentially related, anyone have a weird mental trip where 300 yen isn’t a lot but 2 GBP is (relatively), even though it’s about the same in USD? :thinking:

Foreign money is like the currency in video games to me. It might as well be gold coins. I just nod my head and say “this seems like it would be worth 300 gold” and hit buy.


This is also 100% true, I’ve def spent more than I should on Yahoo/Mercari before just because it’s in yen.

Think I’ll try Forward2Me eventually and report back to the masses here, still looking for a French middleman though.

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