Two truths and a lie.

I always play this when I have a new class of students as it’s a great ice breaker. Thought it would be fun here. You post three ‘facts’ about yourself, one of which is a lie. We have to guess which one is the lie.

I’ll go first, in the next post.

  1. I have been interviewed by the BBC.
  2. I was in a Harry Potter movie.
  3. I had a pet caiman.
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  1. I have a serial killer in my family ancestry.
  2. I’ve never had a blood nose
  3. I’ve once been alone with 15 million dollars in cash for 45 minutes.

Also your lie is being interviewed by BBC.


^ Bloody nose is a lie… we’ve ALL had a bloody nose once lol

  1. I once, while extremely drunk, won a $1000 in a single hand of Black Jack and then lost it.

  2. A few years back I was on a reality TV Show for Modeling, and got 5th place.

  3. Every girl I’ve EVER dated has left me, or ended things for their Ex boyfriend…


You can’t turn left, so modeling is a lie.

  1. I own multiple state records in powerlifting competitions.

  2. I was a semi-professional paintball player in the early/mid 2000s.

  3. I once got pulled over while driving about 170mph.

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  1. I flew the F-16C fighter jet in the Air Force for 15 Years

  2. I am going for my PHD in Electrical Engineering

  3. I was born in the United States

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powerlifting for joetehman because samsamsamsmsms didn’t point one out

you flying the F-16C fighter jet in the Air Force for 15 years Samsam, as even though it’s possible I don’t think you’d be going for your PHD that late

Here’s for me

  1. I had two fingers sewn back onto my hand after severing them right before the Spongebob Pre-historic Special

  2. I discovered I had a “new” 54 year old Aunt just last year when my grandmother was able to find her through facebook. She had planned to keep the secret until her grave.

  3. I’m extremely allergic to potatoes, and it makes my life a living nightmare. I didn’t always have this allergy, it developed just in the past few years and now I break out in a rash and my lips swell up when I have them. It’s one of the most unfair things to happen to me in life. Sometimes I take a benodryl just so that I can eat some chips


I think from our past conversations, #3 is a lie!

if that is the case than they were a pilot for 15 years and just now are getting their PHD. interesting

I seen people get their PHDs in their 40’s and 50’s

@fazool Nr. 2? My grandma can’t even turn a computer on, let alone have Facebook. :wink:

  1. I once parachute jumped from an airplane and the main parachute wasn’t working (reserve one was luckily)
  2. I once beat a former Dutch Badminton champion
  3. I once crashed four Porches on a racing circuit which each had a value of over 100,000

Btw, @guangsta: do we also comment whether the guess of the next person was correct or not later on?



You are NOT $400k in debt!

  1. I spent the majority of my life not knowing my father was a kingpin.

  2. I won the lottery once but couldn’t cash the ticket because I purchased it at 15.

  3. I own my dream car which I don’t even drive.

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Partially right. I’m indeed not 400k in depth (it was euros btw, not USD), but that one was real. :blush: Me and some other students had the best result for a project, so the company we did this project for invited us to the racing circuit in Zandvoort (in The Netherlands). There we could race with BMWs, Porches and Formula Fs (not F1, not sure which one anymore, but the actual Formula models).

I only had my drivers license for about a year back then, and when we were driving on the straight part of the course with the Porches everyone was going full speed at about 200-210 km/h. Right before the turn at the end everyone stood on the break a bit sooner than I anticipated, and so I ‘softly’ crashed into the driver before me, whom in turn crashed in the one in front of him (and the one behind me barely missed me but also had some damage).

It wasn’t a very hard crash, I think I was still at about 30 km/h when I crashed. But even then it was quite a shock. Even though you are completely protected in a metal frame at the inside, and have a helmet and double safety belts as well, I did have a blood noose, and the one in front of me had pain in his neck and back. The main damage was the outside frame, but the inside nor engine or anything was damaged. So the damage wasn’t nearly 400k, but the Porches themselves are worth 100k euros each in total. And everything was insured and covered by the racing circuit.


PS: I never parachute-jumped in my life.
PSS: I’ve only beat that former Badminton champion in doubles. Although he was part of our club for a few years (and I lost most of the time I was playing against him; although I did won some).


Not sure how to organize my guesses on all the above, but here’s mine:

  1. My oldest and youngest kids share the same birthday…23 years apart.

  2. I got my doctorate in biological chemistry.

  3. I was in a pornographic movie but never got kissed:(

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Actually, this one is true. I hold 4 state records in the 82.5KG class in multiple federations.

As for the others…

  1. I was a semi-professional paintball player in the early/mid 2000s.
  • True. Played for a sponsored team called Team Nasty in the early 2000s, actually had our own custom gun sold in shops and we were featured in an old paintball magazine called PB2X!
  1. I once got pulled over while driving about 170mph.
  • False. I HAVE hit speeds in excess when I was a dumb teenager, but lucky enough to never be pulled over.

That one is actually true :zipper_mouth_face:


@garyis2000 Forgive me, but I don’t think you have a doctorate in biochem.

  1. I’m a published writer

  2. I’ve swam with sharks with no protective gear (no cages, chain mail, etc)

  3. I’ve traveled to four continents

Lol…you’re right but not by much. I had one year left for my masters at UCLA but quit to open a video television store in Hollywood when video cassette recorders first came out. There was a battle between VHS and Beta for format dominance.

Oh…you definitely never swam with sharks. You’re waaaaaaay too smart for that.)

  1. When I was 18 years old I flew internationally to meet a guy I met online. We both lied to our parents and pretended we had met during a Spring Break in Florida when in reality we had met online.
  2. A collector here offered me his “pics” in exchange for one of my cards. :unamused:
  3. I’m allergic to gold


I really really hope the second one is a lie lol