Trustworthy Site?

I found this site:

I was looking at the meiji cards and bandai prisms, they’ve been there since 2011 though, has anyone bought from this site before? Reviews?

Yes, I believe that is Steve Mason’s site. (correct me if I am wrong). He pretty much has sold everyhting imaginable including the trophy pikachu’s and pikachu illustrator.

Hahaha frosty…you beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

K thanks a lot guys! I accidentally found his ebay account too (same user name as his website)

Frosty: haha I was in the middle of typing a response but I was distracted by my other browser tab :stuck_out_tongue:

I never bought from him…but I know people who have. I spoke with him and he is a nice guy…I think his prices are a bit high…but then again I’m a cheap ass :blush:

I’ve gotten quite a few things from him ( rare VS, t-promos, etc) from him. Very happy to have him as a buying resource :stuck_out_tongue: