Trouble with new eBay seller: empty package

I don’t know if I’d call this garbage behavior, maybe poor decision making. I bought a Mewtwo (the new tube card) from shining legends from a new eBay seller. I asked them to ship it in a toploader and they didn’t have one so that clued me in I was dealing with a rookie. Anyway, I received a manilla padded mailer with no packaging tape but it does have some USPS tape that says “received in damaged condition”. The envelope was empty, but I took pictures, contacted the seller, and then submitted a claim before opening. They asked me to open it to confirm it was empty and it was, sent them a picture.

Their initial response to the not as described case was “I shipped it, look inside. Thank U”. To which I replied you may have shipped it, but I didn’t receive it. Please approve the return of the empty packaging or refund. Their latest response is “since you easily could have opened the package, taken the card out, and resealed it I’ll let eBay decide”. Yes Mr. Seller, I totally stole your card and stole some USPS tape to cover my tracks.

So I’m pretty confident how this ends when I can escalate it to eBay tomorrow. They’re going to get hit for a refund, eBay will charge them shipping for me to return an empty envelope, they’ll get negative feedback from me, and a defect on their account. But, new sellers have to learn the ropes firsthand I guess. They’ve been added to my block list just so they don’t retaliate on one of my listings.

Anything else you all would recommend I do?

Don’t open an “item not received” claim, since that can be countered with a tracking number showing it was delivered. Open an item not received case, state that the package was empty and also tagged as damaged and you want a refund.

Don’t try to work with this seller, they are a waste of time. Just escalate to ebay




That’s hilarious, I had a similar thought.

When I submitted the claim though I hadn’t opened the package for fear that he would say well you just removed it. Only when he instructed me to open it and check I did. It was empty of course, I could tell that by feeling through the envelope and the weight didn’t match the label.

@pfm I opened a missing parts or pieces claim. So hopefully eBay won’t close it and just say it shows delivered.


I’ve received an empty package once, except there was actually a joker playing card in it, so I had an actual claim that it was on purpose, took up the case and got the seller banned, since that was more obvious mischief. It defo seems like the card was taken out :frowning:

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Yikes. Glad it worked out though.

So as an update to this - I opened the case and eBay just about immediately sided with me. So, all is well. He has to pay for shipping for an empty envelope.


Awesome :3 I’m sure they see silly cases like this often enough sadly

I had an Amazon order of a video game come. Inside was a tube of Preparation H.

I don’t know if that is worse or better than a joker card.


At least you can give the cream to the homeless :3

Suggestions (since you asked, but I know the sich is over with):

  • Always contact them first and explain what happened, before opening any cases. EVEN if you suspect what the response will be. This creates a paper trail, and gives you more ammo for any issues if they come back overly aggressive, etc. But don’t waste more time than needed if they’re dishonest.
  • If you receive a package, don’t use damaged, or “non-as-expected” instead of “item not received,” like PFM said.
  • Telling people what to do makes them defensive. When you said,
    “Please process the return of the empty package, or the refund. Thanks.”
    This likely escalated the situation. (Especially if the seller is new.)
    Instead, I would suggest saying something like “I understand, but the package itself was damaged, and the contents were lost. You can see the ‘Sorry we broke your package tape’ from USPS. I’s still like a refund, as the card was not received.”

Especially for new sellers who screw up, I try to make it a positive learning experience. You can always give advice on shipping, which is what I do, before or even without initially requesting a refund. But to prevent escalating a situation, it’s better to frame requests and advice from your PoV, “I would use smaller or sturdier packaging” “I’d like a refund.”
To me, the seller is either a liar, or they genuinely want to do what they can, calling USPS to investigate. I’ll assume they’re the latter, at first, as they didn’t flat out deny you, but also didn’t want to just give-up the sale. They did say they’d defer to ebay, after all, instead of just "No. :pouting_cat: " haha


I had to send it back to get a replacement. …


You should have sent it back used and with a note: “the rest is for you”