Trixstar's Mail Days and Collection

Hey everyone

Still an egg but have a few upcoming mail days and getting my feet wet with a new collection. Hope you enjoy

Got these today, this is from a promotion in Indonesia

More info can be found on this promo if your interested or didnt know about them


Nice cards! Never seen Indonesian cards before, pretty cool the names are the same

Finally got all these in the mail. Looking forward to picking up the next three when shining fates is out.


Added these to my collection. This is from the 2021 Lunar New Year promo.

From top left to bottom right they’re numbered 079/S-P, 080/S-P, 078/S-P, 082/S-P,081/S-P,077/S-P

I’m having trouble locating a lot of info on them other than a couple YouTube vids of pack opening.


I recently received these same six cards. :blush: Did you know the same red envelop packs can contain a seventh rare card?

Here what the envelop and inner pack looks like:

And here a picture of the seventh potential card, which from what I’ve heard had a 1 in 150 pack pull rate (this one I currently have incoming):

As for information, I unfortunately don’t have much either. They’re released as part of the 2021 Chinese New Year, but I don’t know how these red envelop packs were distributed or the exact release date.



I did see that in a YT break. Thanks for sharing :blush:

I didn’t get a chance to pick up any ETB’s so I’ve been sniping some good deals on eBay and building my own boxes lol. Got a couple in the mail over the last two days. More on the way :sunglasses:

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Some more mail this morning. Love this suicune :heart_eyes:


@quuador, I believe the red envelopes came with 7-11 convenience store pre-orders. 20 red envelopes came with pre-ordering two booster boxes.

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Few more shinies showed up today.


Absolutely love the Indonesian cards. Never seen those before. Do you have more info behind the promotions? @dizzle24 might want to add to their list. XD

Congrats on the new additions!

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Picked up this Mew that came in today’s mail.


been a minute since I’ve updated this. got these two in the mail today


Do you know a good site to get info on Chinese pokemon promos? I tried to search for this envelope on Pokebeach and Pokeguardian but they did not cover it.