Trip to Japan

Hi guys -

I think I’m going to pop to Japan in the summer, or an upcoming long weekend for a quick visit. If anyone has a list of shops to go card hunting (old stuff) that would be awesome. I’ve searched about on the internet, but haven’t found a definitive list of good shops that have heaps of old stuff to sift through. I’ll also keep people updated while I’m there, so I can pick stuff up for you guys.


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Also interested in this! I have done 2 Japan trips over the last 2 years and have only been to the Pokemon Centres (selling all the newer stuff) and would love to know find any of the older collectable shops for when i head back over in November. Most small places i found only sold Yu-Gi-Oh and MTG :slightly_frowning_face:

Someone bought cards for me from the manga store Mandarake.

Not all Mandarakes have pokemon cards, but some do.

@anonspaz did this last year and found some great shops! He listed a few names here so hopefully this thread helps:


Awesome, forgot about that, nice one.

If anyone is after anything in particular, do let me know. Might go over on a weekend.

Thank you!

I saw this thread as soon as it was made and was kicking myself for not being able to remember who had done this!
Definitely a good resource there.

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just was in Japan, wish i had of focused more on locating some shops. on another note i purchased a wild blaze booster pack and pulled Secret/Ultra Rare Mega Charizard Blue (89/80) in that one single pack :blush: