Triangle Packs

Why are these black triangle packs all over the place in price? I see Blastoise packs for 60.00 up to 160.00. Why such disparities?

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Maybe the people selling them on the low end don’t realize the difference between triangle and regular base packs?

I got my blastoise pack for around $90 in January.

It’s because the price inflated after the youtuber Unlistedleaf opened a box of them and claimed they were worth $400 a pack (if I remember right). In the days following the hype caused lthem to ~triple in price. So they’re still not a stable. Based on what I’ve seen they will normalize to somewhere around $90-$120. It was a good time to sell :sunglasses:

Thinly traded item so varies relatively wildly to begin with. Add in speculation from unlistedleaf viewers which drove them in a bubble unsustainably high. The bubble popped as more boxes were opened and the inflated price flushed out a bunch of sellers exceeding the demand. Supply and demand returned them to their true price, yet some buyers at the top of the bubble still think they are worth a lot and are trying to hawk them at those prices.

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So why does a pack actually sell for 60 and 160 On the same day?

That’s like a PSA 10 1st char is 8000 and 20000 today?

I’m not 100% sure but I think one of them was buy-it-now? At todays price that $60 would be a pretty good deal, so it could be just an outlier from the norm

This is just in the last 6 weeks. All over the place.


I have a bunch and am trying to work a deal with a long time buyer. I’m just soooo confused on price and I don’t want to overcharge but get close to value.


Looks like the effects of the inflation… its just unstable. Before the unlistedleaf vid they were trending steady at around $60 for the venu and blastoise $60-$90 for charizard. Nevertheless the value has increased so I would think $100 minimum each isn’t too unreasonable, maybe more like $130-$140 venu/blas and $160 Charizard. It seems those outliers get snapped up pretty quick. Thing is you don’t want to miss out on the high sales either. Its a double edged sword when dealing with trusted customers :confused:

Still thinking $100-140+ right now though. The market is still proving it.

Jkanly@ thanks for taking the time brother:)

Any time brother :blush:

Well with the sample size of 7 the mean is 100. So it seems like jkanly quote around 100-140 is good depending on the part art.

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