Price Check: English Base 1st edition Boosters

I bought some sealed English Base 1e edition Booster packs for my sealed Booster collection.
3 I’ve kept for my collection and the rest I want to sell.

What’s a realistic price for a sealed Booster (or a set of 3 designs)?
Is a Charizard design worth more?
Is selling them sealed a good idea or can I get more when I open them and sell the cards? (Boosters are not weighed)
I’m not a fan of opening old Boxes and Boosters so if the profit is not a lot higher by opening them, I rather sell the sealed Boosters :wink:.

I *think* that Venusaur/Blastoise go for around 200 each, whereas a Charizard can fetch 250. Those are prices I have seen in the past on eBay, so maybe take 10-15% off for a private seller.

I have a feeling this information might be outdated, so if someone can correct me please do.


These are prices I was thinking about.
$ 625 - $ 650 on eBay and $ 550 to a private seller for a set of 3 designs.
Thanks a lot! Hope other members will agree on these prices.

Here is how I see it…

Generally spoken I would advise against opening old packs. At least if we are talking about some of the most sought after (like English 1st edition base). The same goes for booster boxes and decks of course.

BUT since you are enjoying the privilege of already having a set packed away for your own collection, the situation is different. Depending on how much you bought these packs for, it would be a possibility to open the remaining ones and send whatever you get to PSA for grading. This will either get you and amazing feature to your collection or the chance to sell the cards for quite a good amount of cash. (Remember it’s still a game of poker and I would weigh them before doing this) If you prefer to sell the sealed packs I would do so individually or at most in sets of three. Regarding prices you should probably compare with sold listings on ebay…

You would weigh them? People actually do that?!

I don’t want to weigh the packs. What would I have to do with the weighed packs that I didn’t open? Sell them as weighed Boosters?

I do have the urge of opening (some) boosters ofcourse, but I’ll have to resist it :wink:.

If you decide to open any of them it is inevitable to weigh them (or do you want to end up with freakin Computer Search where you could have sold the seald pack for $200?). The ones that do not have holos in them would be kept in your sealed booster collection…

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I prefer Clefairy Doll :wink:

I understand what you mean, but I won’t weigh the packs. Never weighed packs and never will.
So if I open the Boosters randomly is there a chance I get more money out of it than selling the sealed packs?

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Yes there is a chance but only in case you get holos. To be honest as long as you don’t keep it a secret there is nothing negative about pack weighing. If you bought the packs individually in the first place there is even a chance that they are weighed already, so…

Unless you pull a Charizard it’s going to be very very tough to make money on a 1st Edition Base Pack. If you pulled any other holo it’d have to go to PSA and get a 10 to sell for more than what the pack is worth.

I have a problem keeping things sealed myself, I have opened some things I shouldn’t have. But no chance in hell I would even consider opening a 1st Edition Base pack.

On top of all this, chances are the person you originally bought it from weighed it as well.

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I’ll try to sell the packs sealed.
They are not weighed I know that for sure…

If you get a holo it pays off.

Even if they only grade PSA 9 which is very likely, Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur alone make far more than $200 and if you grade all 11 cards the other possible holos (plus commons and uncommons) would fetch more than a sealed pack too…

Of course it is less hassle to just sell them sealed, $200 BIN (or more) shouldn’t be a problem.

I agree with the weighing part and here is why everyone who us collecting a sealed pack collection should do so.

Why would you want to have a chance of your old wotc/eex series packs containing a holo or gold star/ex? If you weigh then then there is no chance you’ll feel like opening your old packs because you felt like it. Say you want to grade some booster packs? Why would you want to have robbed yourself of getting a valuable card.

The other important part comes with selling the packs you do not want. Since they are weighed I believe in being honest and telling the buyer about them. I also discount them about 20 to 30% because there is no chance if a holo or ultra. I just sold 12 ex series packs one pack art each, aquapolis, 1st gym challenge and base 2 all 4 pack arts of each. This guy was looking for sealed 1st base set packs for his collection. So there are collectors going after a sealed pack collection and they don’t mind weighed packs.

Weighing packs is a win/win situation as long as your honest. Please be honest. One of my private buyers who does youtube videos sells his weighed packs on ebay. Full price.

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It’s cheating and wrong, where is the fun?

It has nothing to do with cheating and it’s not wrong. It’s a question of losing money and you’d understand if you had ever been in the situation yourself. And I don’t see the fun in opening a $200 pack and getting a trainer…

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It’s not cheating. Like I said it’s not cheating if you are honest about the packs.

I agree it’s not cheating as long as you’re honest in letting buyers know the packs are weighed.
But I don’t want my sealed Boosterpack collection to be weighed. Don’t know why because I’ll never open them. It’ s just the idea. Never thought about Boostercollectors buying weighed packs so they can get them cheaper.

For now I’ll try to sell the packs sealed. It’s the safest way and its less time consuming. If they don’t sell I might have to open some.

Majority of the people weighing packs are not honest. Encouraging weighing packs reinforces this reality.


What are you trying to say?

That most people who weigh packs are not mentioning it when selling. It is such an unfortunate standard these days that almost everyone does not touch individual packs.

Also, If every actual distributor of packs weighed everything, it would ruin the second hand market.