Base Set Triangle Packs

What are these actually worth, anyway?
From what I can gather, the Charizard sells well at ~$200, but what can you tell me about the value of the lesser desirable Blastoise and nearly undesirable Venasaur?

I’m considering looking into a trade for one, but I don’t want to overvalue it. It is the Venasaur pack.

Charizard sold for $125 recently

Some lucky fellow picked one up for $20

But the venusaur you can get it on ebay for $75 OR LESS

But honestly… just for a booster pack with unlimited cards… I wouldn’t pay over $20… But since there’s that triangle error, I’m willing to spend no more than $50 for the Blastoise or Venusaur. Well that’s my opinion.

I recently asked a collector here… (Username will not be given) but they said…

The maximum the venusaur should go for, especially in recent events is $75.
More like $50 should be the ballpark for such an error (if you are talking about the DAMAGED pack that the user is selling)

I also asked a collector and got literally that same response. Haha.

Thanks for the feedback. Just wondering if anyone can give me some sort of information I didn’t have before. No harm in asking. :blush:

Because I never collected English cards, and we very seldom sold them at our store in Japan, I wasn’t aware of these packs until now.

So, instead of doing the right thing and printing new mylar wrappers for the unlimited cards, WOTC “created” a collectors item by covering up the first-edition logo? LAME!

See, it’s NOT an error. It’s an example of laziness, that’s all.

It proves to me once again that Wizard$ of the Coa$t was more interested in cutting corners and cashing in on what it perceived as a fad than showing respect to the TCG and its collectors.

The overall lousy quality of WOTC holofoils compared to their Media Factory counterparts is another prime example. The English cards look flat and toy-like compared to the Japanese cards. I’ve seen nicer cards come out of cereal boxes here in Japan. ;D

Oh, and don’t even get me started that pathetic excuse of a card that WOTC called the “Ancient Mew.” :stuck_out_tongue: