Trainer Deck Machamp Regrade?

I’m wondering opinions on whether this PSA 4 graded trainer deck machamp may be undergraded. I tried to get a solid video of it:

PSA 4 just seems a little harsh. There aren’t any creases I can see. If it is undergraded - would you risk breaking the slab and sending it in or even try to do in the case regrade? Thank you!

As you know its hard for us to tell even with good video. Lets say we are not missing anything major unspotted. The edge whitening would surely only allow a max max max psa 7. So only real possibilities is 5 or 6 and hope for a 7. Cant see it grading much lower than a 4 but it could thats the gamble. Personally id crack it and send in raw.

Looks like a potential binder indent. Those are usually instant psa 6. So any other damage is taking it down further. With that said would be a solid binder copy!

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I agree with others. There appear to be a few indents on the card which have autograded it to a 6 before accounting for other damage.

If you are looking to keep it, I would prioritize the card and not the grade in this scenario. Display it and enjoy the eye appeal.

However, if you are looking to sell it, then cracking and submitting could maybe get you a PSA 5 or 6 at best.

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The indents on the middle right on the front side of the card are pretty noticeable. I cant tell very well how bad that looks on the back but I would imagine those are the main reason it graded how it did. Like others said maybe you can get a 5 out of it but I don’t see that getting a 6 or better.

Thanks everyone. That helps. I didn’t know what an indent looked like but I knew it takes you to auto 6 so, so now I know. I’m trying to hold long term not sell right away so I guess it wouldn’t make sense to risk it right now.

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@smpratte is there benefit of breaking it out to make it a binder copy other than the collector value of it looks good and you can feel the actual
card? Do low grades like this of scarcer cards sometimes sell better raw?