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Hello, I am wondering if you guys would consider this a fair trade
So Ive been trying to sell my 1st ed psa 6 base charizard for a few weeks now and haven’t had too much luck. I believe its a strong 6, but haven’t really uped the price for that opinion. Anyway a buyer is offering to trade me a “heavy” skyridge pack + 900$ for it.

First off, FOR THOSE FAMILIAR WITH SKYRIDGE, is 17.7g heavy for skyridge??? and what is the value of a single sealed heavy skyridge pack. Problem is I would just have to sell the skyridge pack so I would still have work to do after the trade, but if its a good deal then its a good deal and I don’t mind the work.

Thank you!

I would never trade a PSA 6 1st Edition Base Set Charizard for a Skyridge pack, even if it’s heavy.

Keep in mind that the cards inside Skyridge actually aren’t all that valuable. Outside of Crystal Charizard, none of them are even touching Base Set Charizard, and many would probably even take the PSA 6 1st Ed. Base Set Charizard over any PSA graded Crystal, even in a 10.

FWIW, heavy Skyridge packs have been selling for less than $750:

1st Edition Base Set Charizard goes for what, around $2,000 in a PSA 6? Personally, I would just keep the Charizard. Of course, the choice is entirely up to you.


If it’s truly heavy, you might get at best, $700 (based on recent sold listing) for the pack on eBay. So it’s more or less an equal trade. But honestly, you’d just be putting yourself into the same position you’re in now, I.e. merchandise to sell.

A 1st edition base charizard is one of the most liquid items in the hobby and ought to be easier to sell than a heavy pack.


I know we cant do trades on here anymore but I’d trade way more bc I still need one
XD if 900 or 1000 is all you want anyone here would just pay that. Also if you do trade it be safe bc scams are everywhere.

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To be fair, he said $900 in addition to a Skyridge pack. But yeah. Even that’s a bad deal for a PSA 6 1st Edition Base Set Charizard. Heck, even for a PSA 5.


Oh lol yea still a bad deal though.

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Haha thanks for the advice everyone I wish I joined e4 years ago! Yeah maybe I’ll just wait till someone wants to buy it straightforward or trade for something I actually need (since I don’t really bother with sealed packs anymore).

Everytime I get antsy to sell something, I watch one of smprattes videos and it makes me be more patient since the card could always be worth more hahaha


If anybody has something on my want list and would consider trading I’d be happy to do so! I have traded with a couple people on here already. (I know I am not supposed to advertise trades! Sorry I won’t do it again)

Tell me about it lol. Waiting is honestly the hardest part, but Ive learned patience is key in buying, selling and investing (and this goes well beyond collectables as well). It may be hard at first to move the zard, but in time youll end up hitting a buyer, especially since its such a well established card with a good reputation behind it. I mean, even I want one myself, but I too am waiting until I have the funds in order to get that purchase done in the near future. As long as you continue to buy/trade/invest wisely, youll slowly find the niche that works for you in collecting which will bring you to see all your goals accomplished.

Thats being said, im glad as hell you came here and didnt take that deal lol


I would probably just hold out for a cash offer.

I’d think 1200.00 minimum plus the pack would be fairer.


Just for funs; i’m an avid skyridge collector & my heavy packs are 18grams and up… have a few like yours (around 17.5) but never cracked those- lightest one i own is 16.3 grams.

Point of the story; i wouldnt classify 17.7 as heavy as most heavy packs are +18g

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I would never trust anyone with “heavy” packs, if you wanna trade, do it straight up for only cash or other certainties. The guy can sell his “heavy” pack and then come back to you with the money.

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If I remember correctly January is normally a slow month in terms of sales anyway as people have spent all their money over Christmas and New year. I think patience is the key, hopefully things will start to pick up later in the year and you will get a offer you are happy with :blush:

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I just bought one in March for sub $1300. That’s crazy.

Thanks to you guys I held off and wouldn’t you know I accepted a better trade of 1350 + PSA 7 shadowless charizard today. Thanks guys that is a much better deal I think

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Good job @modestmudkip,

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well the dude canceled on me so its back open for offers I guess