Toyota Pikachu?

Is the artwork on the Toyota Pikachu Promo, the one with the forest background ( ) get featured in another set or Promo in Japan? I know the #00 sheet Pikachu had the same image but with lightning in the background.

Thing is I purchased a lot on Y!J when I noticed the 2 jumping Pikachu’s with forest background in the pic, but I’ll have to wait a month or so plus a few more days to get my things so I don’t want to get eaten alive by my curiosity if in fact they are Toyota promos:

Any ideas?

Possibly from the Intro Video? Those cards have the little Bulbasaur symbol on them, but it’s really hard to tell from the pic.

Oh darn, you’re absolutely right! I forgot the Bulbasaur intro deck had that Pikachu too. :sweat:

Don’t get discouraged just yet. :blush: You can’t see the area where the symbols should be in the pics, so there’s still a possibility there’s a Toyota one in there! :blush:

Thank you! Crossing fingers! ;D

Quick update: Yes! 1 Toyota Pikachu in the lot, a bit rough but there it was, lol, at 500 Yen I can’t complain, plus I got 2 more Bulbasaur Deck Pikachu’s and other goodies. :blush:

The bad news, I still have to get them at the Post Office since they didn’t accept large bills when paying for overpriced taxes/duties. :angry:

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Hey, even with the taxes, that’s a fantastic acquisition. Congrats!

Congratulations on that awesome deal!

Thanks. :blush:

IMG_5124 by Cujucuyo
IMG_5125 by Cujucuyo, on Flickr

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You got a steal! I think that’s one of the most beautiful cards ever made, and it’s rare to boot. Congrats :blush:

Thanks, really happy with the outcome. :blush: