Touch Generation Change! Promo cards

Hi everyone, I’m wanting to establish the value of these two touch generation change cards. I can only find one graded card on eBay.!_(New_Garura_Parent/Child_promo)

Thanks for the valuations, both cards are in mint condition. I heard there were two versions of the unnumbered card, one with the old back (which I have) which is rarer - can anyone confirm this?

The old back card is much more illusive. I don’t know exact numbers on distribution, but it appears for sale significantly less than the e-reader version.

Thanks for the info, I actually got both in a bulk purchase of Japanese cards and haven’t seen one for sale anywhere. The above scan is of the actual cards.

Strange, my 027/P card has the new back and the unnumbered the old back. Any ideas on the numbers of cards printed?

Same cards as mine. Unnumbered card has old back while the 027/P has a new back.

There were two cards; the old back (boy) version is unnumbered, and the new back (girl) version is 027/P and has the new front design.

Both were given out as a participation pack sealed together at the New Garura Parent Child tournament. I heard a report that the 027/P version was given as a participation prize for a Battle Road tournament shortly after, though I can’t confirm this. I also can’t confirm that the old back version wasn’t given out at this event, but it seems likely since it seems to be the scarcer of the two. It might have also been withheld since the New Back cards were all being produced at that time, and that card had the older back. It would have been weird to go back temporarily to give that card out again. Just my opinion