Last released old back promo?

Was it Shining Mew? That was the May edition of Corocoro, but not sure if anything came after.

Chronologically speaking, I’m not too sure what the last promo release was because I can’t find exact dates for some of the 2001 releases before the change of backs.

Any help would be really appreciated, thanks.


Gotta be this one

These cards were given to participants of the New Garura Parent/Child Tournament in February 2002, as they were necessary for the New Garura Rules version of the TCG utilized in the tournament. These rules required a deck consisting of 29 cards with the old reverse design, 29 on the current reverse design, plus the two promotional cards to initiate a partner switch, hence the differences in card design. It was later reprinted and given to participants of the regional Battle Road Spring 2002 tournaments.


I’m pretty sure @pfm is indeed correct. Especially because it was released, alongside the promo below, to celebrate the transition from the old back and old layout to the new back and new e-Reader layout.

As you can see in the quote in pfm’s post, it mentions “These cards” (plural). The other card that was released simultaneously was the 027/P promo:



Thanks guys!

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