Top 5 dream collection

What would be your top 5 (or any number I suppose) collection? Graded or not, just the card itself.

Here’s mine, I only own the Ancient Mew early correction myself, the rest pretty much almost impossible for me to get lol although the Pikachu is almost doable.


play espie, play umbie, 1st base mewtwo


Play Espei, Play Umbie, Eevee Scramble, Daisuki Espei, Daisuki Umbie

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Master Key, Champions League 2007, No 1. Trainer TMB, play espeon, Miracle Diamond

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Ochiai Mudkip, Akimaru Pika

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What level of pie-in-the-sky are we talking? If it’s big Euromillions win then Illustrator, 97 No. 3 Pika, Snap Articuno, 2001 Tropical Wind, TMB Lucky Stadium or half art No. 1 Pika. No, I don’t have an imagination.

More attainable would be something like: Televi-Kun Pichu Illustration Contest, 1st place Victory Proof, Pikachu festa 2016 (the one with the Arita signature), Japanese Rayquaza gold star, Japanese crystal Charizard. Honestly, this list was harder to fill. There’s a lot of stuff I want, but not so much that I’d feel comfortable putting it in a top 5 list. I excluded anything I already own.


Pipe dream level here, if I had spiky eared pichu #042 signed by Gosho himself and Arceus #021 signed by Yamamoto, that could be my whole collection


5x 3rd place chunky pikachus


Master scroll - How can anyone pass up that holo :wink:
Call of Legends Lugia - lugia has so many cool cards its hard to narrow down. Crystal lugia is another contender here
umbrella pikachu you posted - such a unique art for a fan favorite.
Snap Koffing - one of my favorite pokemon and the fact it has a snap card is pretty insane.
hidden fates Charizard GX shiny - why not? :blush:

(illustrator x 5)


Illustrator, PSA 10 English 1st Ed Base Charizard, Snap Charmander, Trophy Kanghanskan, and PSA 10 English Gold Star Rayquaza.


My passion is wotc errors and 3rd print fossil. Leaving aside errors for now I’m missing one rare so articuno. But if we include grades I sooo want a psa 10 3rd print gengar.

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BGS 10 Gold Label of 1st ed Zard (x2), Shadowless Zard, unlimited Zard and 4th print Zard.

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  • TMB No. 1 Trainer (already own it)

  • TMB No. 2 Trainer

  • TMB No. 3 Trainer

  • SSB No. 1 Trainer

  • University Magikarp (which I could have bought for 70,000 yen a few years ago but was talked out of it by a well-known member of these forums because he told me it was “overpriced”)


Yeah I forgot about Master Scroll, that would be my number 6 from my top 5. It’s a pretty card for sure. Might have the most holo out of any card I think.

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Master scroll, master key, wonder platinum, tropical breeze 2001 (japanese or english or any other language), sealed lucario lv x tin

Currently, my grails in order would be:

  1. Japanese Emotions Art Academy Pikachu (one of my favorites Pikachu artworks);
  2. English Kabuki Art Academy Pikachu (the only English Pikachu card I don’t have yet);
  3. Japanese SNAP Pikachu (speaks for itself);
  4. Swedish sealed English WotC #21 promo Moltres (the only sealed Moltres variant I’m missing to complete my collection - here a picture of Articuno);
  5. Metal Collection Seviper figures in matte bronze; matte silver; matte gold; and shiny gold (the only Seviper figures I’m missing to own all Seviper figures as far as I’m aware).



Master key,
Miracle Diamond,
Play Espeon,
Play umberon,
Daisuki Umbreon

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I remember that Pikachu raincoat art academy you have, shit I want it. Lol. That is a nice Pikachu collection though.

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E3 Red Cheeks Pikachu
Lottery E-series Charizard
Binder of Neo Holos (incl. Holobleed Neo Revelation)
Clefable Prerelease
1st Edition Non-Holos binder from Base to Neo Destiny (only Base and Gym Challenge missing)

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