Too good to be true

So I was on tcgplayer earlier this week searching for random cards and I found a NM Gold star Regirock for 168$. I was excited to get the card and purchased it right away.
Then I received this message
I’ve been searching for the card for 2 days. Unfortunately I was closed down for six weeks during that time some of my product was stolen by someone who was helping me organize. I am desperately trying to find another one for you I’m going to refund you right now but I’m not giving up on trying to find one for you at this price. I am so so sorry I know how excited you were to get this and I promise you I will try to help you find one. Even if it cost me a little. My customers mean a lot to me and your happiness and satisfaction is everything. Again I apologize and I will be in contact with you in a couple days to let you know if I was able to find one for you.
Otherwise I am happy to send you out something else just to try to make up for it…
The seller from geek nation cards probably sold the card to someone else for more but what can you do ?

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I suppose you could make a forum post but I’m not sure what the point of that would be…


Yeah. I’m just so disappointed. I really wanted the card.

Sometimes it just feels good to just bitch about something bothering ya. I understand man. :blush:

Look at this way. Maybe the guy was being truthful, and maybe he’ll contact you when he gets one in! Never know :stuck_out_tongue:


Ya he probably sold it on eBay or elsewhere or seen price increase and decided to hold it. I wouldn’t leave bad feedback tho. This same senerio happened with Blaine’s Charizard to me. But seller sent a tracking number or someone else’s package or a empty box to somewhere in Miami and blamed it on a mistake but wasn’t worried about “losing the card” which is what originally made me question things. I was all mad at first and it was one of my first big purchases to me even tho it was only $200. I ended up finding a slightly lower quality one but still great no print lines for $110. I was originally so mad too because the only few other ones listed were much higher price and I had to wait two weeks plus for my refund. Not to mention the fact I originally thought it was lost. I went crazy calling USPS to find the package but they couldn’t do anything. Long story short you just have to take the refund and try not to get too mad about it. I do feel even if prices go up if you list it at X amount and it sells you should just ship it. But if it’s your card i bet it would be hard to do yourself. If you knew your card was worth much more now. But take it easy and i feel your pain man. I’ve been there


It sucks but everything is good in my life. Just wanted that to be my first gold star. And I am a man of my word but it’s just cardboard at the end of the day haha.

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Yeah, I feel your pain on this one as well.

I learned a similar lesson myself by purchasing a card listed at a very fair price a few years ago but the seller only had like 40some feedback which was a slight red flag. I messaged the guy and he seemed forthright and trustworthy so I decided to pull the trigger on the item and once I paid it was marked as shipped so I was happy that my card would be in the mail. I checked back a few days later and noticed “this user is no longer registered” on my order and was a little perplexed, but surely my item was sent before he decided to ‘quit’ ebay right? Nope. Nothing arrived and I had to go through the long process of getting my refund through ebay which I eventually did, so all in all no harm done…and I learned a valuable lesson: If something seems too good to be true, IT (most likely) IS!

Not saying all good deals are too good to be true though, as I will still skim ebay for a solid deal to this day, but I haven’t let anyone scam me like that again over my years of ebay deal hunting.