Tmb tropical wind

Does anybody know how many of these there are?


It hasn’t even been a full day dear.

Give it some time.

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Only about 50 given out. PokeGym

Thanks everybody it’s a nice card I will have mine in a few months when I’m done paying it off I will post pictures when it arrives

I’ve worked hard trying to research this card, but everything has been inconclusive. I asked Japanese players (who were around in that era) at Worlds this year, and they said it was medium rare, likely in the couple hundred copy range from what they though.

The trainers mag book said it was given out to the top 10 at each of the 9 TMB challenge road events in 1999. That would make for 90 copies, but that seems too low for me. It is entirely possible that it was also given out to the top 10 at the 9 SSB challenge road events in 1999 (the same tournament actually, just different age groups) making for 180 copies total. That is ENTIRELY speculative, but a possibility. The one thing is that the tropical card doesn’t fit so nicely with the SSB theme, and the trainer mag makes no mention of it in the SSB section.