Thoughts on feedback I should give this seller ?

Okay so this is not a huge deal to me, but the more I think about it, the more I wonder what kind of feedback I should give this seller. The item purchased was listed like this: “PSA 10 Japanese Charizard No.006 Pokemon Card Perfect Condition Base Set” This Charizard happened to be ungraded though.

Just to start off for the record, I obviously knew before buying that this card is not guaranteed to get a PSA 10. But I like Mint condition cards and figured it would be nice to add to the collection regardless of whether or not I wanted to PSA grade it. Luckily for me it just so happens I signed up for PSA this new year (made a send-off thread) new members get the 7-day turnaround and this card was included, so I will have the opportunity to leave whatever grade it gets in his feedback.

Here is the question, if it comes back less than a 10 does anyone think I should leave bad feedback? Personally I never leave bad feedback from things I buy (selling is different) mainly because I haven’t been in a situation where I had to (usually i just wont leave any). I probably will not leave bad feedback, because I think I would feel guilty, but the paralegal side in me just likes a good debate. Here are some points for and against me:

First here is the actual listing:

Points for me leaving bad feedback if card does not come back a 10:

  • Seller stated: "if you were to submit it to PSA, there would be no questioning that you would get a 10.
  • To set a precedent that claiming any ungraded card could receive a grade of [insert #] should not be tolerated
  • If you look at the photos you may notice the card seems a little warped. I messaged him, here is part of the conversation:

From: venusaurs_jungle

**To: hawwiia

Subject: Re: Details about item: venusaurs_jungle sent a message about PSA 10 Japanese Charizard No.006 Pokemon Card Perfect Condition Base Set #111565108934

Sent Date: Jan-06-15 20:39:00 PST

Dear hawwiia,

Thanks for the quick reply (: two more questions:

  1. Is the card warped in anyway?

  2. Would you offer a partial refund of $10.00 if the card received a grade lower than a 10 from PSA?


  • venusaurs_jungle
    **Dear venusaurs_jungle,

No the card isn’t warped in either way, and honestly I wouldn’t because most of the cards offered (this one) isn’t in this good of quality. It’s a steal as it is. Sorry

  • hawwiia**

…When I received the card in the mail it did in fact have a sort of “warp” to it

Points for me not leaving bad feedback:

  • I bought this knowing that no matter what a seller may say, no card is EVER guaranteed to get a PSA 10
  • I knew from the photos the card was probably warped despite the seller not claiming it to be, and bought it anyway
  • The card still seems to appear to be in MINT condition, probably just not GEM Mint
  • I could have damaged the card in the send-off to PSA (or PSA could have)
  • Proving a point to one seller who doesn’t sell pokemon cards that often may not prove much
  • It is a nice Charizard after all

It may sound like a moot point of me asking for peoples opinions when I probably will not leave bad feedback anyways, but I am honestly curious what everyone here thinks about this issue, mainly because of the buyer/seller philosophy involved with this situation

Thanks for the read (:

You specifically asked about the warping and he lied about it, your call but I wouldn’t blame you for a neutral or negative. Claiming something to get a certain grade is one thing, directly lying about the quality of your item in a response to a specific question is another.

I am like you and will usually just not leave feedback unless ive been really screwed, but the little ones are starting to annoy me a lot. This week I received 8 nm-m ex/lvx cards, half of them were fine the others were around the vg condition… Inaccurately describing your cards in the hope that the buyer wont bother complaining is immature and essentially theft.

Thanks for the reply, good points! I hear what you mean about the lying of condition (or maybe misinterpretation)

I also have me opening the package with the card in it live, showing the warp when I pulled it out of the top-loader.

Perhaps I could message him back explaining how the card was still warped. Ask for the partial refund of $10.00 of the card does not come back graded PSA 10 or threaten to leave neutral/bad feedback?

Two problems:
-He has not left feedback for me

  • It has been 7 days since I received the card

The centering isn’t close to a 10 by what I can see. Could get a 9 though.
Considering that is very clear in the pics, I’d accept the responsibility and not leave poor feedback.

I have been pregrading for 20 years and still get 9s when I thought i’d get 10s. Sure some are a lock but most aren’t.

35.00 is a little high but at least he took 7/8 pics which is very unusual.

My only complaint with him, and it would prevent me from bidding on any of his auctions is he puts “PSA 10” in the title which is spamming and against ebay rules.

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Yes you are right, the centering is more towards the right side of the card. I never knew spamming was against eBay rules, I guess one could never know searching listings daily

I would not leave negative feedback as there are multiple clear photos of the card. However, I would echo Gary’s opinion to not buy an ungraded card that is advertised as a certain PSA grade.

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I find the act of ‘pregrading’ a card and then using that as a selling tool to be an indicator as to what the seller is like as a person. It speaks to dishonesty and general bullshittery. People who have had a lot of cards graded can certainly look at a card and say to themselves ‘Hmmm I think this has a good chance at getting a 10’ but saying a card is PSA 10 to try and sell the card is a scumbag move. That alone would turn me away from the listing.

I don’t think you should leave negative feedback, though.

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It looks like most of agree that taking responsibility as a buyer is important regardless of what the seller claims, especially if there is plenty of photos for one to make there own decision and then come to a conclusion on a condition of a card (or whatever it is about the card). And at the same time not doing business with sellers using dishonest listing tactics.

Never thought about the second point, I will certainly be keeping that in mind now. Great discussion thank you all for the responses, I am going to stick with my original plan of leaving good feedback, but mentioning in it what grade it actually gets.

We are all constantly learning dude, I am sure everyone looks back on some decisions they have made on buying certain listings and thinking to themselves “Which drugs was I on when I decided that was a good idea?” and I am sure we will all make similar decisions in the future. Just part of collecting.


Yep you are 100% right, couldn’t have said it better! (:

If it grades a Gem-Mint 10 than leave Positive Feedback. If it grades a MINT 9 leave Neutral. If it graded below that leave Negative.

Even though he is dumb for advertising it like that, using feedback as some sort of retaliatory insurance doesn’t help you, hurts him, and ignores entirely that you’ve held the card and had plenty of time to judge yourself.

If you buy an ungraded card, you assume the risk when grading no matter what. If you felt it wasn’t PSA 10 when you got it, return it right then and there.

I would 100% resist the advice posted immediately above mine.

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I wouldn’t bother with neutral or negative feedback.

Once you have the card, you should be able to gauge whether or not it was as described. If not, you have the opportunity to return it or open a claim with eBay stating “this card is not as mint as the seller so confidently advertised.” Even then, it sounds like you know you can’t expect a card to be a PSA 10 every time you make a purchase. The only issue here is that the seller stated it would grade as a PSA 10 – a very foolish move even for experienced graders. He is not selling a PSA 10 card. It is a raw card.

That said, feel free to put the grade you receive in his feedback.

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Feedback shouldn’t be based on grading results.
Plus, you shouldn’t ask for a partial refund based on grade. Those seven pictures told the tale and you accepted it and then sent them in.


Yeah I am big on personal responsibility and accepting when I am at fault. In this situation we were both at fault, but since I had full awareness of what was going on there is no way I can leave bad feedback. I will stick to the positive feedback w/ mentioning the grade as the comment. “Two wrongs do not make a right.” And it would not be right if I took advantage of a seller, who essentially tried to take advantage of a buyer.

Thanks all for the input, whether it was to me directly or just in general regarding the situation at hand for anyone in the future. Much appreciated (:

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Well said brother…

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This is just the risk you take with ebay purchases… take it on the chin… he didn’t give you anything rubbish or immensely played or damaged… I think warping is an immensely minor flaw which can be fixed easily… and you can see the warping in the 4th photo he took.

He may be an stooge, but it sounds like he genuinely tried to present the main card details/and/or damage correctly at the bottom of his description. He obviously isn’t an expert, or a grader, and shouldn’t of mentioned psa 10 so abruptly as he has…

I also want to make a note, that I think it is rude to ask sellers ‘Would you offer a partial refund of $10.00 if the card received a grade lower than a 10 from PSA?’

Like this seller was an idiot, I admit, and it is ok for you to ask this question here because of how he has mentioned psa in his listing. But I absolutely hate listing an ungraded pack fresh card, and being asked this question… The end of the day, many people see condition differently, and many grading companies see condition differently. There is countless stories of the same card being re-graded and fetching different grades.

I.E Beckett Vs PSA

We don’t have control of graders at the end of the day… a low end ebay user may see this as a perfectly mint card in all honesty, and has just stated his honest opinion here. I don’t think you should hold 3rd parties against him. or request any refund. You should give him 5 stars feedback for everything, except the description should be a 3 for the psa mention.


People shouldn’t use the hype of psa to try and sell their cards at high prices without paying for the service of their grading in the first place.

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well… this is awkward:

can’t believe this actually got a 10!

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