Thoughts on e-series?

What is everyone’s thoughts on e-series? Expedition, Aquapolis and Skyridge.

I feel like it doesn’t get as much attention as earlier sets because the time they came out Pokémon was in the down low from the hype of 1999-2000.

I know a lot of collectors also feel like the sets are overrated or ugly with the boarders.



Your poll shows that people love Skyridge and Aquapolis.


It took me a few years to get over the weird borders, but now I love e-series. They all have top teir card art.


e-series = best series


E series borders are amazing. And I wish they’d bring back the scan thing because it’s a cool gimmick. Also the artwork for them is so varied and awesome.


This is true lol. I’m just creating conversation :sweat_smile:

Eseries is really a turning point where they put a lot more thought into the art and one of the most diverse wotc sets in terms of artists

I feel like I’m always finding new Eseries cards I’ve never seen before


In Japan, I stopped collecting pokemon when e-series came out as I felt it lost its identity with the e-reader border. I was too used to the Sugimori style I had trouble accepting anything else.

Now it’s one of the few sets besides Jungle where I can’t let it go. The art is unbeatable.


As an Aquapolis voter on the aforementioned poll, I simply just really enjoy the combination of great artwork, WOTC era, unique borders “look”, set identity, and the history tied to the borders and the overall expansion of Pokemon as the franchise grew in the early years.

Initially getting back into the hobby they were strange to me but they have absolutely grown on me. Now I can’t get enough of them. I particularly like some of the Japanese exclusive E-reader stuff, but I don’t think I would have made that leap without re-discovering the English set cards first. All the “big hitter” cards look great, but even the commons and uncommons look superb.

I mean just LOOK at how happy this Psyduck is :laughing:


Love a happy psyduck😍
I want that card now

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I dont like e-series, skewer me if you want but theres few anything from e-series (and ex too) where my interest is piqued at all. I do enjoy e-series but id turn my back instantly for a few bucks and go buy another lucky stadium

I love the e-series cards and sets. The unique borders add a lot of character and helps define that era. Come to think of it, the era only lasted 3 sets spanning a little over a year but has made a very strong and lasting impression on collectors. Small but mighty. And like others have said the artwork was flourishing at that time, the non holos especially stand out to me.


It’s a range of sets I haven’t actively collected since returning to the hobby. It’s one I remember as a child/teenager, but not something I grew an attachment to, since I was sort of getting out of Pokemon not long after they came around. With this said, they’re all really nice sets with a lot of great cards/artwork. Overall, I think they’re a great culmination of Gen 1 & 2, and so they appeal to a pretty wide audience as a result. They also appear to be fairly rare on the supply side, especially Skyridge.

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Probably where card art peak before the alt arts weee made.

Art on these cards were gorgeous.

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Amazing art, unique borders, great set identity, fun gimmick, wide array of artists…what’s not to love? I’m most nostalgic for this era.

Expedition, Aquapolis, and Skyridge are a little underrated when speaking in terms of WOTC. However, I feel like the ex r/s - ex dragon e-series holos are severely underrated.

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Expedition Charizard gives me nightmares.


Wow. I have legitimately never seen that Psyduck before. Just like Pfm said, I feel I’m also always discovering new e-series artwork.


i like the design of the cards with the thicker eborders. Its something unique that I can instantly see and get a slight rush of nostalgia, adrenaline, and appreciation. Its also tied down to those 3 sets and a few promos. Its kinda similar to HGSS borders, or the WOTC yellow borders. Something identifiable and unique.

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some of my favorite “lesser known” e series cards


Nishida Charizard is one of the best ever though though :wink: