this unique EX series flygon booster box

That is the front of the box. It has 10 individual boxes within the larger box. Each of the individual boxes contains a flygon promo holographic and 3 EX series boosters - legend maker, holon phantoms, and Unseen forces.

I cant find these sold anywhere, and there’s nothing really on ebay. Is this something worth hanging onto for a few years?

Just letting you know maybe you can’t find it because it is a blister box not a booster box

Those are incredibly rare from what I remember about the English TCG.

It looks like you stumbled upon a real gem!

awesome. that’s great news. i almost caved and opened it because i want a gold star card, but i waited.

I sent you a message, by the way. You should check that out. :wink:

But yes. These are the Epic Collection Value Boxes. They are rare. Not mind-blowing, never seen rare, but a sealed one is a cool item, and a case is even cooler.

Last I saw one sold it went for $30, I believe. But it was a whole back.

They often show up at drug stores. Also some are called knock-out collection.

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often? like 10 years ago often? i have never seen this item in my life (walgreens, cvs, etc.)

have you seen one of these recently?

I still find tins from this era around my area. I’ve never seen this exact product, but it is plausible that they could be found in an area that stocked them at one point.

I believe I have one of the boxes that I picked up a while back, but I don’t remember ever seeing a whole case. Where did you acquire this?

But nice find though haha.