This really pisses me off...

Why do people insist on doing this crap?!

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I think maybe they don’t use their brain. I also don’t particularly like those stiff shallow sleeves either.

Yikes! I used to use tape, although I did a much better job. Fortunately I’ve since stopped which is good :blush:

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Sometimes I receive a completely unprotected card in an envelope.

Surprisingly enough, a few make it undamaged. :wink:

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I accidentally cut into an unprotected card once… I was not happy :0

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No kidding! It’s common sense not to add tape and yet they miss out on the thought train, I mean, at least put some paper over the deck protector and then apply the tape. :confounded:

I have received some cards in great packaging where they put the card inside a ultra-pro perfect fit sleeve, then inside a deck protector and then inside a top-loader, they even added a cut post-it attached to the deck protector so you may pull it out of the top-loader without any problems and without leaving any sticky residue on the deck protector.

Yikes! That must’ve certainly sucked. :slightly_frowning_face:

had one card like this last week luckily got it out undamaged

Yep, it’s the corrected… :confounded:

I do this when I send single cards in a sleeve then in a toploader.

However what I do is put a piece of paper under the tape so that it can be removed easily without damaging the card inside whilst protecting it at the same time.

As most the old timers here know…I HATE TAPE!!! More collectibles have met their demise due to tape than floods and earthquakes.
Now, most people are catching on…to the point that receiving an item with tape anywhere means “inexperienced” and “amateurish” dealer. I even get requests now from customers to not use tape anywhere inside the box or package…and I smile, and certainly comply.
Tape is not only a hassle and destructive…it makes the trader look bad.
I agree with how Jason/cbd does it…and all newer enthusiasts should take note:)

Gary you converted me away from tape :wink:

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This is why I use duct tape and gently apply it to the card using a heat gun, once it snags the card it’s either ripped cardboard or collectible card with bits of duct tape.

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You put adhesive duct tape directly on a card?

lol no no, God no, it’s a joke, I just forgot to put the smiley at the end of the above post. :zipper_mouth_face:

card game few days ago with all tape on it, luckily got it out with no problem, second time it’s happened to me