this is funny and crazy at the same time

brought an expensive card that i could just about afford like had to pay in two payments sort of thing

got shipped and everything forgot about the import fees and now cant afford the fees due to buying the card.

and before i get paid will be shipped back to the person i brought it off.

just thought i would let everyone know what an idiot i am and dont make the same mistake i did.

message the seller to let im know and hopefully he can send it to a friend in the us and they can ship back to me with my psa shipment lol

Yeah it can be easy to forget if you’re used to GSP. That $10+12% (at least in Canada) stings badly on expensive stuff.

I had a similar thought, that some cards’ prices are so high that they exceed one’s credit card max limit. Then how would people be able to pay lol

If you’re buying cards exceeding your credit card limit I suggest reading though the thread I posted about controlling your collection.

Or just increase your credit limit :blush:

Can’t you pay with your bank account? I always use my CC for the rewards, but you can pay paypal through bank. It takes a little longer for payment to clear though.

Yes you can use a bank account. I usually use my checking account. I was just being cheeky.

Yeah I figured. I have a Amazon card I’d love to use more as I pay no currency conversion fees but for some reason they won’t increase my super low limit so I pay 3% extra or however much paypal is charging with my other CC.

OP, can’t you get any help from friends or family? It can’t be that much… Unless you bought a $10,000+ card. lol

Arh i meant to say i didnt use a credit card used up all my available funds and pay day is after the cut off date :slightly_frowning_face: i dont have a credit card (i would max it out on pokemon straight away)

You could just steal your girlfriends credit card and pay her back later.

If I can help, like transfer some funds, let me know:)