Third party pokemon tcg posters

I have a knack for art.

Was thinking of designing some pokemon tcg posters of classic sets, which would have some promotional aspect yet look appealing.

Would anyone be interested in buying posters of this kind?

Would welcome any ideas.

I’m not a big poster guy but a customized poster with me in it somehow would be cool.

Just as an FYI selling isn’t allowed here on this forum and if you were to utilize Pokemon intellectual property for profit you would be breaking the law.

I hate to be that guy… but… well I guess I don’t hate being that guy when it comes to stuff like this and custom cards really. I guess posters would be a lesser evil in a way but yeah it is still illegal there is no way around that.

Thanks for your input. I absoulitely hate custom cards. I guess with custom posters, i feel different towards it as i cant obtain posters at all, i wonder if some were ever even produced for some sets.

Ill make a few posters and see how people feel about them. Will use them for my personal display. Cant wait :blush: