Recommendations for Pokemon Posters/Non-TCG Artwork

Looking for a poster/hangable artwork for the new home office! Trusted websites and/or individual seller recommendations would be appreciated :blush: Obviously I know I could fire up Amazon and get some mass-produced poster. I prefer more of a lesser known platform - would love to support an up-and-coming Artist/company. Thanks!

P.S. also looking for a cool Pokemon coffee mug while we’re at it.

I’m not sure if you meant official or fan-made, and this absolutely does not tick the small/independent seller box but I bought this poster of the November 1999 New Yorker cover from the Conde Nast store a while back. You can get them in various sizes/styles, and they had a couple of other designs, though they can get expensive.

You can also try and find posters/flyers of set releases or movies, but that’s more a case of searching yahoo/ebay. In a similar vein, postcards are another great option

I’m currently on mobile, which is cumbersome, but I can add some pictures later if you were looking for specific examples.

As for a mug, I just ordered the Mischievous Pichu one from Graniph.


To clarify I was looking for both fan made and official artwork - I just didn’t want to order the same poster that has been churned out thousands of times at a big box. Want something unique - and supporting a small store would be a plus.

The New Yorker cover suggestion is phenomenal, thanks! I think that would be a great ‘classy’ option for my office. What I mean by classy is that I’m not ashamed to hang up Pokemon items in my office - obviously I’m asking for suggestions to do that. But I think this magazine is a perfect example of what I’m looking for - kind of a professional looking piece to show my Pokemon love, but something that would also look nice in a work Zoom meeting background.

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@mertz I’m glad you like it! I was really pleased when it came.

I’ve added some examples in the spoiler tags (might take me a couple of edits to get it to work). Shoutout/shameless plug to my collection thread for some of these images; shoutout to Japanese sellers for the others. Apologies if this isn’t what you had in mind. Some of them you have to hunt for as well. The good news is that if this is the kind of thing you want, there are a million other options as well!

[SPOILER: Click to show](javascript:void(0);)Postcards from 2014 canned set/Scream promo postcards

[SPOILER: Click to show](javascript:void(0);)Playmats - These can be hard to find, but look great and maybe framable

[SPOILER: Click to show](javascript:void(0);)Set release postersThis one was the promotional poster for Clash at the Summit, the 3rd Japanese LEGEND set, B2 size.

This was for Miracle Crystal/Crystal Guardians, but is a lot smaller.

I’m also a big fan of movie posters, but some of those are harder to find in good condition. Reprint Clear files can be another cheap option, but imo they don’t quite hit.



tcg art, but still cool

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I would also just go on ebay and type in Pokemon wall art. There’s some bangers on there. I actually bought this for my game room and it’s beautiful.

Put it in a black walmart frame and it looks fantastic. I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on it.

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Thanks for the recommendations, everyone, I love them all! This is a crazy coincidence and I was so surprised by it, but yesterday was my anniversary and my fiancé got this Scream-like replica as a present! (She got me the PSA graded promo for our anniversary last year). To be honest I don’t love how it’s just a random Psyduck plopped in with the Scream painting background, but I’ll never tell her that. I really appreciate it because it’s a super thoughtful gift and I’ll cherish it forever. She knows it’s one of my favorite cards ever and that I was looking for something to hang up in the office! She’s a keeper!


Ukiyo-e heroes has several Pokémon themed handmade woodblock prints. There’s also a cheaper but larger giclee option.


Have you seen the Rayquaza poster in the protagonist’s bedroom in Pokemon: Detective Pikachu?

Here’s a photo I found and altered the colors for better visibility:

I would love to get a poster and replicate this, but unfortunately the only flying rayquaza graphic I can find is this one: ( which might be a fan drawing or 3d render? I can’t tell. Rayquaza experts plz weigh in. )

I would KILL for this life-size Rayquaza poster/vinyl sticker. Such a lovely graphic.


Check out Brycekho’s stuff, I got a print from him a few months ago and absolutely love his work in general.
I think his shop is either currently open or opening soon. He closes it from time to time and restocks popular prints, kinda sad that I didn’t get to buy his FF9 print back in the day.

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