Thinking of selling some AMAZING yugioh items

Anybody know a major yugioh collectors site or any giant yugioh collectors.
I want to break out some incredible one of a kind collectible card items to share/sale;)


if you have any dark magician girls I may be interested

I need 1 specific dark magician girl - English Dpyg version. And naturia beast and holo (video game promo) harpies pet dragon.

Hey brother…
I have about 10 sheets and they’re all from the earliest releases…LOB MRD and PSV.
What sheet were you talking about?

I’ve collected yu-gi-oh! Cards for some years but Now I have only few cards and some booster packs. Yu-gi-Oh! Cards artwork are very good!

I agree but I favour Dark Magician girl only :blush:

I agree with vodka, I love dark magician girl the best and have most cards and figures. There are 2 figures out now, 1 is so cool but too much $ for me atm (with all my pokemon and a pricey zelda link doll!)

I might be interested. Older cards only though. :blush:

I’d like to know the same thing as Gary — are there any sites where a lot of buying and selling of YGO cards takes place? I’m sitting on some super-rare Japanese items (Bandai beta cards, Jump promos, etc.) that I’d like to sell.

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Yes. Pojo would probably be a great site for ygo

Beta cards?

I found the worlds largest yugioh sheet and misprint collector. If anybody needs that contact. but only to sell to, let me know.

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My best friend absolutely loves yu-gi-oh! He’s probably be interested!

I call them “beta” cards, but they are probably better described as “unfinished printer’s proofs.” They are unfinished (no plastic coating) cards that the printer shows to the client (in this case, Bandai) for approval of the design/cut/color. They are already cut, just not coated.

They are supposed to be destroyed after the client approves the work. But, just as uncut sheets sometimes slip out of the printer’s hands, so too do these cut proofs.

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Sounds interesting how much do they go for? :blush:

I’ve never sold any of them before (nor have I ever seen any for sale elsewhere), so I really don’t know. I might try my luck with one of them on eBay :blush:

Here are some images. The first shows the gold foil in all its glory:

The next image shows a flatbed scan of the card. The light of the scanner bounces off the shiny gold foil, so the gold appears black.

Here’s a side-by-side close-up comparison of the artwork on the test card and the finished holofoil:

And a side-by-side comparison of the backs of the unfinished and finished cards:

Got cyber stein sjc

I wish I did!

I do have a J2 Swords of Revealing Light and a J3 Gate Guardian. Those are probably my rarest YGO cards (aside, perhaps, from these test cards).

Glenn I don’t know anything about YuGiOh but those look mega cool!

Glad you enjoyed seeing them!