Thick vs Thin

Not girls, but 1st Edition Base Holos.

I know that certain people collect 1 set over the other sometimes, or sometimes they want both.
Is one set generally more sought after than the other? Any major general price differences between certain cards?

Thanks for anyone that can help.


There were fewer ‘thicks’ produced so they are rarer.
All the non holos are ‘thick’ so they match the set.

I get a premium for thicks but there’s many who don’t pay attention to it so it depends on who your dealing with…

I like thick gi…oh we were talking cards ;]


Thanks. I have 2 1st Edition Holos to list and 1 is Thick, other is Thin. So wanted to make sure I wasn’t short changing myself.

Except a certain Wartortle :blush:

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Yes Scott lol. If you recall…I had a full heal too but I sold it for 60.00 to a regular. He’d take yours too if you wanna sell;)

Has it ever been determined whether the Thick/Thin change was an aesthetic change done on purpose, or unintentional through the changing of printing equipment or something?

Just went through my collection and not sure if i’ve got some of the thin ones,

crappy photo but ive got a few that are noticeably darker like the one on the left

Looks a little bit different. Any chance to scan it for a better comparison?

I read about this once, i don’t mind but the thick stamp does look nicer.

Would this be a thick or thin?

unfortunately havent got anything to take a better picture at the moment



Think yours is Thin @dipzy

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ahh i see now. I find it hard to see, my eye sight not very good :slightly_frowning_face:

yup think mines a thin stamp one

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Pretty blurry but looks thin…

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Need a clear pic, not blurry, to tell.

hold on, just took a pic of two of my ponytas, looks a bit more clear, ill get ya a pic in 5 mins

heres the pic

Ah man, got happy for a second lol

Those are definitely different.

yeah thats what i thought

Been on the hunt for a Thick Stamped Base Gyarados with little to no luck. The prices on them used to be on par with the Thin stamp but over time got more expensive and now it’s hard to find one for a decent price in my opinion.