Follow up question to thick VS thin stamps - 1st Ed Base Set

Now that I understand the difference between the 2 …

Does one command more money than the other?


Just like most things in life, thicker is usually better


unless it’s a non holo, then the allure of the strange thin is too much.

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Haha thanks, I agree

Of course, I know the collectors dont have specific numbers, but do we have a guess of how many thick to thin stamps there are? Do some thick stamps just not show up as often?

I have Thick and Thin PSA 8 Raichus, how much more does the thick command?

@canucksfan007 I don’t think it is possible to see specific numbers for thick vs thin, I don’t think its something the grading companies track? As for the price on your Raichu, check eBay sold listings man.

Only looking at the Base Set of course:

For Holos, both Thick and Thin can be found, where Thick is still easier to find than Thin. Not sure what the ratio is, but probably more than 75% Thin and less than 25% Thick.

For non-Holos, Thin stamps can be considered errors. I’d say 0.0001% or lower are Thin stamps, everything else Thick stamps. Also note that the non-Holo Thin stamps aren’t as thin as the Holo Thin stamps. They’re more in between the two in terms of width. Here a picture of the three side-by-side (left to right: Thin Holo; Thin non-Holo; Thick).

But, although Thin stamps are rarer on Holos, the Thick stamps are still more desirable. Why? Because Thin non-Holos barely exists, so people who collect the full set and like consistency, will want the full set as Thick.


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While I know it goes against popular opinion, I actually prefer the look of the thin stamp over the thick stamp, doesn’t look as dis-portioned me.

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I prefer thin stamped also. I just think they look nicer.

I don’t care tbh. 1st is 1st to me.


My own personal opinion is that the thick stamps look nicer.
They also are considered the “first” of the first editions as they are believed to have been stamped before the thins. And they are unique to base set (ignoring some possible esoteric errors in later sets) which gives them more significance in my mind.

You reversed this. About 75% of the holos are thin stamps and about 25% are thick stamps.

Thanks, edited! :blush:


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amen to that :clap::clap:

I don’t get it​:man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:

Stacks of cash obviously!

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