The reason for voiding cert numbers

I personally don’t understand why grading companies void / deactivate cert numbers when clear and obvious fakes appear on the market. I understand it signals that there is a problem with the cert, but another cert, especially something like an illustrator, is just waiting to be used so what’s the point?

I imagine they have a process for the actual owner to get a new cert, or reactivate theirs. Still as someone who loves risk-management design, I don’t see how this is a solution.

Maybe I don’t understand your question clearly, but I always thought that deactivation of a cert means that the company is saying this is not a legit cert anymore. I assume that this is what when you send back your cracked labels, but also when any evidence of tamper is found compared to the card which was graded by the company (alteration etc). For me any deactivated cert would serve as a warning to stay away from any card having the same cert.


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PSA also deactivates certs when known counterfeits are circulating in the market. Though that’s really only applicable to high-end cards.

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Yes, but also the cert gets nixed if the cert got nicked. heh. If there’s a fake, they’ll deactivate too sometimes.

@Dyl Is it only high end cards? So, a bas gyarados wouldn’t count, but a 1st base Zard would?

I still don’t see how this helps anyone in the long run.

I was suggesting that people only tend to fake high-end cards. Technically, it can happen to any cert that is reproduced.

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Stolen Cards can also be deactivated (presumably the owner can ask it to be reactivated if the card get back in their possession)