The Late Night, Can't Sleep Thread

This thread is for late night activities that you did instead of sleeping. In-which reasons can be due to being caught up on things or just plainly couldn’t sleep vibes.

I will start:
Woke up this morning around 3:00am and found myself restless. I decided I wasn’t going anywhere with trying to get back to sleep so I decided to put together a Pokemon Valuation Model until I could go to sleep.

I woke up and jumped on Excel since I wanted to do some heavy researching into what Pokemon Japanese sealed boxes where undervalued and overlooked in this market. I decided to limit my research into aspects of:
-Set Number (CP3)
-Era it was released in
-When the set Released
-What type of Set it was (High Class Set, Set List, or Special Set)
-The # of Secrets in the Set
-Market Availability Value (MAV) The average of Available Ready-to-Buy (RTB) boxes on Ebay currently
-Last Realized Auction Price (last 6 months)
-Lowest Price Availability (LPA) The lowest priced sealed box RTB
-A hyper-link of each result taking it less time in the future to look up current supply on the market

Along with these characteristics of data, I wanted to do some calculations with these values to Show me through the data on what is a good undervalued box. I decided to narrow it down from the Late Black & White EX Battle Boost to the Newest set VStar Universe Japanese set.

I worked on this spreadsheet model for about 4-5 hours until I was satisfied from the result. Then at about 9am I fell asleep :]. Mission Accomplished :+1:

Unfortunately since this is very supply oriented and time-sensitive data, I am unable to release this spreadsheet :[ …sorry.
In the future I could have a way people can buy my models to use for their own researching purposes. If that is you, PM me.

Some interesting conclusions I can share:
I didn’t realize how many secrets there were in each box and how Vstar Universe (90) really didn’t have as many Secrets as did Vmax Climax (100+) and Shiny GX (100+). Now obviously this doesn’t mean much since it would take a bunch more time to collect all those secrets, but it is an interesting data point.
Also that “CP” (XY Era) and “SMP” (Sun & Moon Era) both are symbols for Mini Sets. This was true until the Sword & Shield Era where the Mini sets were put where ever they could fit such as S8A - 25th Anniversary Box, SI - Starter Deck 100, and S10B - Pokemon Go. My pattern oriented mind is furious lol.

An insight on what I have been trying to put together for a couple months: A way to quantify “The Fundamentals” by valuing each aspect of a given card, no matter the age, generation, card type, or language. I know personally I would benefit from something like this since I am sometimes “blinded” by my own love for the card that I don’t actually test the Fundamentals of that specific card.

An update in the future maybe :wink:

Anyway Rambling over,

What is something you did while staying up late at night within the world of Pokemon?


Looking at Japanese cards on Mercari looking to see if a tiny black 1st edition stamp is lacking on a dark background card, with only 1 blurry photo to look at


That would make me go cross-eyed lol

This. And looking for code numbers in the bottom left corners. When you’re into 3 digit page numbers it’s time to put the phone down :joy: