The Giant English Market Thread

Here’s the Iron Crown $247.99 sale still there lol

Isn’t that crazy how after the iron crown sale, copies started selling for so much more? That’s exactly what I’m talking about. And that sale might not even be legit-it could have been someone listing it and buying it from themselves.

I say that because the Gastly sale you highlighted was YouTuber OpossumBud listing and selling to himself.

For anyone curious:


Didn’t he say in the end it’s an April Fool’s joke?

But he could actually try it and test when exactly the sale gets updated onto TCGP.

I posted it a long time ago when Moonbreon was selling for stupid amounts when its price was lower, but the only reason why bulk cards ever sell for 1000x the price is probably because someone else is testing the TCGP system. Once they learn how, then they can fake any sale on any non-bulk card and TCGP will never catch them because it has no incentive to do so.


Listing and buying himself? Geez, does that dude not have a life or anything better to do? He’s already annoying and cringe enough to watch. Smh

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He states it is an April fools joke in the end of the video.



Lots of movement on English alts and sealed recently.

Seems to be the final wave of swsh fomo out of print madness

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Someone paid $4k for this unlimited holo bleed PSA 10 Misdreavus. :exploding_head:


misdreavus the goat what can I say?

Bc it’s a 8xxx cert that’s why! No, but really whoever bought it paid thousands for a few extra sparkles smh

The regular version is pop 7, I imagine that has something to do with it as well